A friendly robotic dog 

Sony aibo:

By: Techsvision

Sony AIBO is a friendly robotic dog. It can develop its unique personality through everyday interactions. It can also recognize the owner's smile and face.

Pic: Forbes

The Artificial Intelligence Robot (AIBO) is a series of robotic dogs manufactured by Sony for the first time in 1999.

"According to Sony, the new AIBO will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn. It can form emotional bonds with its owner to make them happy"

The AIBO contains Wi-Fi connectivity,  location, and mapping softwares having fish eye cameras and owners need to pay a monthly subscription.

Pic: The Guardian

The Sony AIBO is the most sophisticated robot. Sony has launched a faster parent program to play an important role in medical and nursing facilities 

Pic: aibo

Sony AIBO is the world's first robotic dog that can think by itself, and show emotions through various triggers. Users can program their very own unique emotions 

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