Student Loan: Cost Of Living In The USA

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The USA is one of the most popular studies destinations for higher studies because of its excellent educational quality and system. So, you must have a strong budget to study in the USA.

The average monthly expenses for an Indian student to live in the USA are approximately, $1000-$1600. After all,  it depends upon your living standards and lifestyles.

The biggest challenge is to get sanctioned a loan for higher studies in the USA. The applications of most of the universities in the USA start in October.

One should complete the process of loan sanctions, and get a letter of solvency which is considered "proof of funds" from the concerned university. The processes should be completed before October.

The whole process is hectic and time-consuming. Complete the process within the time to avoid the last-minute rush.

Before applying for a student loan get a clear idea about how much money they require and how much interest you have to pay in banks. Banks will sanction your loan after verifying your genuineness.

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