Tag Heuer, a luxary watchmaker is ready to accept the payments through cryptocurrencies. 

Tag heuer


They have established a partnership with crypto investors

Bitpay service 

They have organized a partnership with crypto payment enablers. BitPay is ready to allow payments through cryptocurrencies.

Bitpay services

BitPay will start accepting the payments from their users by converting cryptocurrencies into the fiat currencies and then it will be delivered to Tag Heuer.

Supported crypto

Tag Heuer will accept 12 topmost cryptocurrencies as a payment options like; Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin, Dege coin and other US dollar-based stable coins.

Wallet exchanges

Tag Heuer will deal with various crypto wallet exchanges like; Binance, Coinbase and many more popular wallets.


Tag Heuer may connect the smartwatch to blockchain for validating the NFT's

The watch will not able to display only nft's but it can be connected to the wallets such as metamask, AND ledger live.

Tag heuer

Tag Heuer will introduce a watch for displaying NFT's as well to connect with crypto wallets.