Court orders Tesla To Refund The Price Of Tesla X Autopilot  Model


Tesla had to pay almost the same amount that the customer had paid at the time of buying a Tesla electric SUV. The court ordered to refund of US$112.885 to the customer 

The customer reported a problem with the autopilot system, The problem occurs with a random breaking system and trouble in recognising the construction yard while driving the car on autopilot mode.

The Munich court has ordered technical experts to find Tesla's autopilot mode is not identifying objects like; a narrow construction yard and random breaking incidents.

Tesla's lawyer has argued that the autopilot software was not designed for the city, the user used it incorrectly 

The court said it was not comfortable for drivers to keep switching the system ON and OFF while driving the car, which would be a distraction for a driver 

Tesla's Full-Self-Driving car does not have an autopilot system and it is unable to drive itself and it also has the highest crash ratio on the roads.

"It turns out that Tesla does not keep the full-bodies promise when it comes to Autopilot mode," said lawyer Christof Lindner

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Still, the CEO, Elon Musk said that Tesla was likely to launch a new version of the Self-Driving car