Pick The Best Ethernet Cable For Gaming

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By: Techsvision

Ethernet cables are an absolutely important part of gaming hardware. If you are using the Wi-Fi service for the internet, still you have to connect the ethernet cable to the modem and router.

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It is a higher-performance cable that comes with an aluminum shield. It supports a bandwidth of up to 2000 MHz and a data transmission speed of up to 40Gbps.

CAT8 Cable

Danyee CAT7 Braided

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Danyee CAT7 cable is designed with premium nylon-braided cables in four different patterns. It will provide an excellent data speed of 10Gbps with a frequency of 600MHz.

Amazon Basic CAT6

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Amazon basic Cat6 cable is the most reasonable. The cable comes with a length of 3-50 feet. It supports a frequency of 250MHz and provides a speed of 1Gbps.

Remember, the ethernet cable is just a medium of transmission. The actual speed of your internet connection depends on the chosen plan and service provider. 

For an internet user, the Ethernet cable is beneficial for improving the Internet's performance, whether you are gaming or streaming. A stable internet connection is a must for internet users.

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