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Future of augmented reality


The Future Of AR

AR is fast becoming a rapidly growing technology that will change the way we experience the world around us.

Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence have endless possibilities for improving the experience and seamless integration in various organizations.

I believe that AR will be the biggest technological revolution that happens in our lifetimes.

Tim Sweeney


The Future Is AR Glasses

The AR glasses come with a display with a camera, Bluetooth,  Microphone, and touch controls. In the future AI glasses will become common for all and more reasonable in price.

AR and AI are working on similar technologies. The potential for AR and AI to work is very vast. We can expect many innovative applications to appear in the future.

Ar and ai

Here Are Some Examples Of AR

SnapChat, Google ARCore, Google Glass, AR Maintenance, Netflix, the Medical Industry, Photography, and many more examples are available in everyday life.

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