Top 5 NBA Players Of All Time

Kobe Bryant was 5 times champion of the NBA MVP, two times finals MVP, 18- time all-star and so on.

5. Kobe Bryant 

4. Magic Johnson 

Five championships, Three MVP's Nine Tim's All NBA- first-team selections. He stands in the 4th position in the ranking.

3. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

A 19-time all-star who 15 times finished in the top 5 of MVP votes. He won the NBA finals MVP awards for 14 years.

2. LeBron James 

LeBron James not only matched the hype, but he exceeded it. LeBron is a few points away to become the no.1 soccer in NBA

1. Michael Jordan

Undoubtedly, Michael Jordan is No.1 NBA player. There will never be another Jordan. He played at the highest level on both sides of the floor.

This is the list of the Top 5 NBA players of all time.

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