Twitter Outage: Twitter services restored

Twitter went down for about 40-45 minutes on Thursday morning. This was the longest global outage since 2016

The outage affected the entire ecosystem including mobile and web. The error message was shown as "over capacity". Many users were not able to operate Twitter smoothly.

The failure appears to have been global, with outages reported around the world. The UK, US and Europe are affected badly by the outage.

The last major outage was experienced in 2016 when the Twitter website was down for about 2 hours. There's been no official statement yet on what may have caused this outage.

Twitter suffered it's one of the major outages due to a software glitch in February 2016.

Twitter outages were common in its early days but as the platform grew the problems became less common.

It was unclear whether Twitter was back online for all the users.