Unity CEO John Riccitiello apologises for calling mobile developers not focusing on monetisation

Riccitiello shared the apology on Twitter, for using insulting comments on mobile game developers who don't focus on mobile monetisation 

He wrote, about the developers as "both the most beautiful and pure, brilliant people" and "some of the biggest f**** idiots"

Riccitiello wrote I am going to start with an apology. My word choice was crude. I am sorry. I am listening and I will do better.

"What i can do perhaps, is provide more on what i was thinking when i did the interview" what i would have said If i had taken greater care

I have great respect for mobile developers. The work they do is amazing, The creativity can be incredible whether on AAA mobile consoles, mobile or indie games designed to be played by millions

One thing I have seen is that most game devs work incredibly hard and want people to play their games. To enjoy it and when appropriate for players to engage deeply.

Sometimes all game developer wants is to have a handful of friends enjoy the game. Art for art's sake and art for friends. Other wants player $ to buy the game or game items so they can make a living.

What I was trying to say, and failed at saying is that there are better ways for game developers to get an early read on what players think of their game.