Warframe: 5 Best Characters In The Game

Warframe game has a lot of interesting characters. Some of them are villains, while others are companions. 

1. The Lotus

Lotus is one of the favorite characters of Warframe. The characters become famous because of their true nature and motivations but her true nature and motivation were never made clear.

2. Mother

After disappearing the Lotus, Mother from the Entrati won the player's heart. Mother, who is a ten-foot-tall, and her relationship is friendly with players.

Cephalon Ordis is the robot conscience or inner voice that the players never believed they required. Ordis has been with the players from the very beginning.

3.Cephalon Ordis

4. Vay Hek

The relationship of Vay Hek with players is Hostile. Vay Hek is a usual neurotic leader who cannot speak a single word without roaring his throat out.

5.Nef Anyo

Nef Anyo has no morals and only cares about profits and more possibilities to increase them. That's why he is an Enemy of players in the game.

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Images credit: Warframe