What Is Quantum Dot Technology In TV? 

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By: Techsvision

Quantum dot technology is a type of display technology that uses quantum dots to create its display. These Nano-particles have excellent optical and electronic properties. 

The properties of quantum dots are frequently chosen by their size, piece, shape, and structure. These tiny particles come between the size of 2 to 10 nanometers

The Quantum Dot Technology helps to enhance elements like; color, brightness, and contrast. These elements ultimately boost the performance of TV.

The Quantum Dot TVs are upgraded LCD screens. The Quantum Dot material in the LCD TV is removed and replaced with the quantum dot layer.

The major advantage of Quantum Dot Technology is that it makes the TV screen thinner and lighter because the diffusion layer is replaced with nano-particles later.

The major difference is that OLEDs commonly deliver better black levels while Quantum Dot displays enable higher color purity.

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