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Term insurance 

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What Is Term Insurance?

It is a kind of insurance that provides financial security for a particular duration. If the policyholder dies during the policy period, beneficiaries receive a death advantage

Eligibility Criteria

Between 18-65 years of age group is eligible for buying a term insurance. Medical tests, education, habits, etc. factors play an important role when buying term insurance 

Buy a term plan that will support your family's financial needs in your absence


Can I Buy Multiple Term Insurance?

A person could buy multiple-term insurance plans to provide extra benefits to the beneficiaries. After all, it is the financial security of your family 

Benefits Of Term Insurance

The term insurance is affordable, having a low premium rate, full life coverage, critical illness coverage, accidental death benefits, tax benefits  many more

Do I Get any Returns?

There are chances to get a return from term insurance, but not with all the term plans. Most of the term insurance will provide only death benefits to the beneficiaries 

How To Select A Term Insurance Plan?

While selecting a term insurance plan, you have to check out the term period, coverage benefits, claim settlement ratio, terms and Conditions etc.

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