World Photography Day


In this digital world more or less everyone likes to capture the best moments of life by using a smartphone or a digital camera

Smartphones have slowly replaced digital cameras because of their size and portability. Still, the digital camera is having its important in daily life

1. A quick clean-up of the lens will help you to capture a clean and fresh image at all times. Try not to touch every time to the lenses of any camera 

Tips For Handling The Camera

The mode of operation of a smartphone is very simple than a digital camera hence, professional photographers prefer it most of the time

2. Always try to use the natural light source for capturing the images. Natural light is the best source to capture a quality image with different shades of colours

3. Try to use Gimble or a Tripod for getting stable images. You can effortlessly tilt or move your camera with the help of Gimble or Tripod

These tips will help you improve your photography and to maintain the camera