Cyberone: Xiaomi invent THE HUMANIDE robot 

Xiaomi invents CyberOne, the humanoid robot for detecting human emotions. The company acknowledges the robot to have improved its vision and ability to identify human emotions

It weighs 52KG and is 168CM long arm, and has a height of 177CM. The CyberOne robot can detect human emotions with the help of real-time response speed.

The robot is equipped with advanced arms and legs which depend on Joint Motors 


It can detect human movement with its 0.5ms real-time response speed per degree of freedom in motion. It has up to 21 degrees of freedom 

The robot comprises bi-pedal motion balancing, controlled by a self-manufactured algorithm to hold the products up to 1.5KG in one hand 

It has the "Mi-sense depth vision module" integrated with an AI interaction algorithm 

The CyberOne can detect human emotions and create 3D reconstructions of its surroundings 



The cybErone can detect the emotions like; happiness and sadness and can even comfort the individual when they are sad