55 Inch Ultra HD 4K LED TV (55ELA4426) Comes With 8GB Storage : Best Buy

About LED Televisions:

Television is an important part of a modern trend and it is not only the part of entertainment but also a useful system for the education of kids, news, weather updates, music, movies, sports and many more. Ultra HD 4K LED TV is becoming a need of every family.

TV helps to improve the educational skills of your child. Television can keep us updated by informing us of domestic and international news.

All Television brands are designing the television to enhance your viewing experience much better than ever. This is to improve the picture quality, sound quality as well as to provide additional features in Ultra HD 4K LED TV.

In our daily stressful life, Television helps to minimise the stress and to keep us fresh and energetic all day. We can learn a lot of things by watching Television shows and various channels.

The Ultra HD 4K LED comes with Android Operating System and that makes it a personalized smart LED.

What Is An Android TV?

Android TV is a concept to making your TV smart and to use your TV similar to your mobile for navigation and for sending emails. You can simply enjoy your mobile to TV.

It offers you voice control like Google Assistant. You can easily customize the TV according to your convenience.

This feature helps you to pair your other devices like, smartphones, tablets with your TV wirelessly. Apart from that, you can convert your smartphone into a TV remote for navigation just by downloading the app from Google Play Store.

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Features Of Android Ultra HD 4K LED:

1. Android TV’s are easy to operate
2. It is easy to operate and you can control it through your voice using the Google Assistant feature.
3. You can control your device like AC and lights through a voice command.
4. These Android LED’s are compatible with other Android devices
5. You can use a wide range of applications.

Xiaomi Mi 4X 138.8cm Ultra HD 4K LED Android Smart TV (55ELA4426):

The Xiaomi Mi 4X Ultra HD 4K LED TV comes with the latest Android OS Pie 9.0. This Mi Ultra HD 4K LED TV is powered by a Quad-core Amlogic Cortex A53 processor for providing a smooth interface for a 55″ LED TV.

The Xiaomi Mi 4X Ultra HD 4K LED TV is designed to give you a better viewing experience on large display sizes. It comes with 2GB RAM for smooth navigation and 8GB eMMC storage.

The VIvid Picture engine offers you a true picture quality with detailed picture clarity. 3840×2160 pixels resolution is provided to observe and enjoy the minute details in the scene.

You can stream movies and videos on your TVĀ  by using Data Saver Mode so that you don’t have to be worried about your mobile data.

You can pair your smartphone with your Ultra HD 4K LED TV for viewing the contents of your smartphone on a large display. The Ultra HD 4K HDR LED TV offers you more picture details.

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The Xiaomi Mi 4X Ultra HD 4K LED Android smart TV comes with 20W powerful speakers that offer a complete entertainment solution for your house.

The upgraded graphic engine is provided for measuring every picture detail with a rich range of colours.

Amazon prime video, YouTube, Netflix are some of the additional programs that come in Mi Ultra HD 4K LED TV to multiply your entertainment experience. The Sport mode offers you a Hotstar application in one click.

This Android Smart LED comes with Google Assistant that works on your voice command. You can sit back comfortably and operate your LED through your voice.

Mi Remote is designed to provide unmatched customer comfort and satisfaction through smooth navigation.

It comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for transferring high-quality audio as well as video content effortlessly. The Mi Ultra HD 4K LED TV comes with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports for sharing the data on your LED TV.

Features Of Xiaomi Mi 4X 138.8cm (55ELA4426) Ultra HD 4K LED TV:

1. 4K HDR Display for enhancing the viewing experience
2. Vivid picture engine for a better picture quality
3. 2GB RAM and 8GB eMMC support
4. 64-bit Amlogic Cortex A53 Quad-Core Processor
5. Built-in Google Assistant
6. Data Saver Mode
7. 20-watt powerful stereo Dolby audio speakers

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