Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple watch series 6 is one of the latest product in the line up of Apple gadgets. As we know, Apple is a well-known brand for it’s unique and outstanding features with a stylish and beautiful design.

Apple watches series 6 is designed for use with iPhone 6s or later and the operating system iOS 14 or later. This watch is available in two different dials of 40mm and 44mm.

Why Apple Products Are Unique And Feel Premium?

Build quality of Apple products helps each user to feel it as a premium product. The company always cares for the quality of products and perfection in design, colour and sizes that users can get attracted to Design and interface. Apple contains the biggest plus point of getting their own personal solid and virus-free software package and had built a powerful ecosystem, this alone makes them a premium.

Innovative Technology:

The technical team always believes in providing an easy and user-friendly platform for customers. The touch and feel experience is so good which makes it a premium product. Perfection in design, virus-free OS and data security are a number of the foremost essential features invented by Them.

Key Features Of Apple Watch Series 6:

Blood Oxygen App:
A sensor and app are given for measuring the oxygen saturation level of your blood which is an important indication of how well your body is absorbing oxygen.
Source: Apple

Just remain still for 15 seconds to measure your blood oxygen – result will appear on your watch and in the health app of your iPhone.

It takes periodic readings in the background, even while you’re sleeping, recording your blood oxygen trends over time.

Always-On Altimeter:
Get real-time elevation readings throughout the day with minimal impact on battery life. See your elevation changes foot-by-foot right on your watch face with the Elevation complication whether you are running a trail or just taking the stairs.
Heart Health:
The electrodes in the Digital Crown and the back crystal work with the ECG app to read your heart’s electric signals and generate an electrocardiogram.

Apple watches series 6 can check your heart rhythm in the background and an alert you to an irregular rhythm that appears to be atrial fibrillation.

With the optical heart sensor, you can check your heart rate at any time in the heart rate app and see your walking, resting and workout recovery heart rates.

The heart rate notifications will tell you if your heart rate is above or below of a certain number of beats per minute.

Sleep Tracking:
The sleep app helps you meet your sleep goals, go to bed on time and even start a pre-bedtime routine with Wind Down.
Source: Apple
Sleep mode helps in minimize the distractions from the notifications and you can set haptic alarms to wake-up gently without disturbing anyone around you.
Some Additional Features of Apple watch series 6:
Automatic hand washing detection starts a 20-seconds countdown and features reminders to help you build healthy habits.
The noise app alerts you when decibel levels in your environment reach a point that could harm your hearing.
With fall detection enabled, Apple watch series 6 can detect hard falls, initiate a call to emergency services and alert your emergency contacts.

With an Emergency SOS, you can call local emergency services and notify your emergency contacts just by holding down the side button.

International emergency calling can help you to reach emergency services when travelling outside the country even without having your iPhone.

New Workout Types:
Get the most accurate calorie credit for your activities with workout types such as, dance, core training, functional strength training and cool down.

Family Set-up:
With family set up and cellular, you can pair your iPhone to a watch for your family members like a child or adult.

Family members have their phone numbers and Apple ID and they can enjoy all the safety, connectivities and fitness features of Apple watch series 6.

With location notification and Emergency SOS on their wrist. You will have peace of mind that your loved ones are just a call away.

Advance Performance:
Redesigned S6 watch is in the package delivered even greater performance, so apps launch up to 20% faster than on series 5. Always-On Retina display is up to 2.5 times brighter for outdoors.

18-hours long day battery back-up with longer workouts and more audio playback time, additionally faster charging from 0 to 100 in just 1.5 hours.

About Its Cases And Finishes:
Available in silver, space grey, gold, blue and red colours with Aluminium finishing.
Apple watches series 6 works with all Apple watch brands.
Specifications Of Apple Watch Series 6:
  • Blood oxygen sensors and app
  • Electrical Heart Sensor (ECG) app
  • Optical Heart sensor
  • S6 System-in-package
  • Improved Always-On Retina display
  • Always-On Altimeter
  • Compass
  • GPS, GPS+ cellular
  • Emergency SOS
  • Fall detection
  • International Emergency calling
  • All-day battery, faster charging
  • Swim proof
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