Category 6 Or 8: The Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming And Streaming

How To Select The Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming And Streaming?

Ethernet cables are one of the most important components of internet connectivity. It is just a cable so there is no need for in-depth specifications and features. We are looking for one of the best ethernet cables for gaming and streaming.

We need a long-lasting cable for the usage of the internet as well as for gaming and streaming purposes. We can’t judge an internet cable by its hardware only.

When picking an Ethernet cable for gaming and streaming, you should consider the bandwidth and speed of the cable. The best quality ethernet cable contains a higher certification number.

How many types of cables are used in Ethernet?

There are three types of cables commonly used for Ethernet connectivity: coaxial, twisted pair, and fiber-optic cabling.

1. Coaxial Cables: A coaxial cable is used to carry high-frequency electrical signals with minimum losses. It uses 10Base2 and 10Base5 Ethernet variants. It has a dielectric insulator made of Teflon type material and a copper conductor is placed in the middle of the dielectric insulator.

2. Twisted Pair Cable: A twisted pair is a copper wire cable used in which two insulated copper wires are winding around each other. It uses 10BASE-T and 100BASE-T ethernet variants. A twisted pair cable uses RJ45 connectivity.

3. Fiber Optic Cable: Fiber optic cables are the most favorite type of ethernet cables for connectivity. Fiber optic cables use optical fibers which are made of glass cores surrounded by several layers of material like PVC or Teflon.

It transmits data in the form of l  interference. Fiber optics can transmit signals over a very long distance than any twisted pairs or coaxial cables.

Ethernet cables are divided into varieties based especially on the bandwidth of the cable, maximum data rate, and shielding.

Ethernet cable classifications include Category 6, Category 7, and Category 8 – commonly abbreviated to ‘Cat6’, ‘Cat7’, and ‘Cat8 respectively.

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Is Cat 6 Ethernet Cable The Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming?


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If you use a Cat 6 ethernet cable for gaming, you will also receive an internet speed of 1 Gbps. However, Cat 6 ethernet cables offer a bandwidth of more than 250 MHz.

Cat 6a cables offer an increased level of performance in terms of speed. Cat 6a ethernet cables offer internet speed and a bandwidth of 500 MHz, it is a great choice for gaming and streaming.

If you’re looking for very fast internet speeds, for multiple gamers online at a time, a Cat 7 or Cat 8 ethernet cable will be the best option for you. Both of these cable types offer a higher speed and a great bandwidth without lagging or buffering.

Are Cat 7 Ethernet Cable And Cat 8 Ethernet Cables The Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming?

Cat 7 ethernet cables deliver a high speed of up to 10 Gbps and it can support a bandwidth of 600 MHz. However, a Cat 8 ethernet cable can reach up to 40 Gbps of speed. This combines with an amazing bandwidth of up to 2000 MHz to deliver you the ultimate gaming internet connection.

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Amazon (Cat 8 Ethernet cable)

If you need Cat 8 ethernet cable installation for your gaming, you should know that there are two types of Cat 8 ethernet cables. These are Cat 8.1 cables and Cat 8.2 cables.

Cat 8.1 ethernet cables are only capable of delivering speeds of up to 20 Gbps. Whereas Cat 8.2 ethernet cable can provide a speed of 40 Gbps.

So, if multiple gamers are playing online at once on the same ethernet connectivity, a Cat 7 ethernet cable or Cat 8 ethernet cable will be the best ethernet cable for streaming and gaming.

Other Considerations When Buying The Best Ethernet Cable For Gaming:

So many ethernet cables are available in the market, but selecting the proper ethernet cable for gaming is very important. Finding the best ethernet cable for gaming becomes even more important if you have multiple gamers in your family who use the same internet connectivity at the same time.

Cable Length:

Finding the correct length of cable plays an essential role in achieving the requirements of a proper gaming setup. If your cable is too short then it will be difficult to connect it from your PC or gaming console to the router. To avoid the inconvenience, you should buy a long ethernet cable for the gaming setup. An extra-long cable can also create issues like twisted or knotted wires.


1. Which is the fastest Ethernet cable for gaming?
Having a fast ethernet cable can deliver you the next level of gaming experience. Cat 8.2 ethernet cable is the best ethernet cable for gaming. This is because of its high speed of up to 40Gbps and bandwidth of up to 2000MHz.

2. How can I Choose the best Ethernet Cable for Gaming?
Selecting a quality cable for an Ethernet connection is a difficult task as all wires are not the same. Before selecting an ethernet cable you must check the cable quality, data transfer speed, length, size, and of course, its pricing.

3. What Ethernet cable is best for streaming?
If you want to stream high-definition content, then a Cat6 or Cat6a cable is the best option. It has 10x the speed which is the primary requirement for streaming. It has double the bandwidth of other cables. The Cat 6 ethernet cable can also connect to all online streaming devices.

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