Know The Best Things About All In One Computer Dell 24-5400

Why Select All In One Computer Dell 24 5400?

Decorate your home as well as an office with a beautiful and stylish design of All in one Dell Inspiron 24 5400 computer that comes with an FHD Infinity Edge display.

It looks very much attractive from every angle because of its narrow borders and Full HD display quality.

A few years ago the traditional desktops were available with separate monitors and CPU and occupy much more space than expected.

Dell 24 5400 comes with a large display screen and the other parts like webcam, motherboard, the speaker comes built-in with monitors.

Only the keyboard and mouse you have to connect externally. Desktop computers can be adjusted at a fixed place to operate easily.

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Are All-in-One Computers Right for Everyone?

Many of the users are looking for portability options and compact designs.

In addition to that, all in one computers are equipped with the higher configuration that gives the best results for graphical uses.

All in one computer Dell 24 5400 is the perfect choice for everyone in the family because it can be used very smoothly as per the convenience.

The all in one computer Dell 24 5400 comes with another benefit of less electricity consumption because it generates less heat in comparison to traditional desktop models.

It comes with all the required features of a laptop including a webcam, speakers, microphone etc.

Investment in all in one computer Dell 24 5400 is a one-time investment which would be a cost-effective investment for you and your family as well as for the official purposes.

All in one computer Dell 24 5400 is the most convenient model for family use. The all in one computer requires a permanent power supply to operate it.

One can play 3D games very smoothly on the large display.

Buy All In One Computer Dell 24 5400:

These all in one computers are specifically known as Personal Computers. These computers are just like our traditional computers and these computers are equipped with all the similar components that are required to design a normal computer.

It comes with the modern setup of the FHD Antiglare display and narrow bezels. The set-up of the speaker is designed to provide a better sound so that these speakers are placed in the front direction of the desktop.

For a stylish design and better sound quality Wave Maxx audio pro speakers are provided and the white colour of all in one computer Dell 24 5400 looks more attractive from every angle.

Except for the Keyboard and mouse, all other components are to be integrated with a single and compact unit. That is a convenient way for handling all the components at one time in one device.

Key Features Of All In One Computer Dell 24 5400:

1. It requires less space in our room or offices so that it becomes more efficient.
2. The All in one computer Dell 24 5400 comes with an infinity edge display

3. These computer comes with fewer cables and this feature is enough to make it a user-friendly device.
4. The larger display size is useful to perform any task on a large screen. Especially for graphical use.
5. You don’t need to carry a separate monitor, CPU, speakers at all times.

Disadvantages Of All In One Computer 24 5400:

1. These all one model are difficult to repair because these components are designed in a single motherboard to reduce the computer size.
2. All in one computer Dell 24 5400 is expensive than traditional computers.
3. It is a difficult task to repair. If one component damages or breaks then you have to replace the entire system due to its compact design.
4. These all in one computers are difficult to upgrade.
5. These all in one computers are expensive than traditional computers.

The main reason to buy the all in one Dell 24 5400 model is to save space and no need to add other basic things like a webcam, speakers, separate monitor etc.

The webcams are good enough for online education, online meeting over the applications.

The large display size will provide you with the best graphical interface and expected graphical results on large display size.

All In One Computer Dell 24 5400 Feature And Details:

Brand: Dell
Model No: Dell 24 5400
Category: All in one computer
Screen Display Size: 23.8 inches FHD Antiglare
Processor: 11th generation Core i5-1135 G7
Processor Speed: 2.5ghz
Clock speed: 2666Mhz
Graphics: 2GB NVIDIA MX330
Operating system: Windows 10
Battery: Lithium-Ion 4200mAh
Connectivity: Wi-Fi
Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity

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