2020 Diwali : Celebrate This Diwali With Facebook Challenge

The social media like, Facebook is promoting and encouraging users to add more fun in Diwali celebration with Facebook in this year by sharing photos and videos of how they are celebrating Diwali at home with the family and friends using different hashtags.

Facebook released the online Diwali celebration by Diwali-ready Avatars and other challenges on Wednesday, 11 November with a special purpose to “spread festive cheer online”. Diwali is the biggest festival for all Hindu’s which is also known as Deep-Utsav in India.

Diwali is an auspicious occasion for every Indian and it is considered as the victory of good against evil. For most people, it is time to come together and celebrate it with more enjoyment.

Facebook has decided and launched some extra features on social media for the special occasion of Diwali festival by considering the pandemic situation of Covid-19.

Facebook has launched some special features like personalized greetings with Diwali ready avtars to celebrate it virtually. These kinds of features add more enjoyment in celebrating online Diwali. With the addition to this, you can take participate in some fun challenges with your friend circles to make it more special.

You can participate in these challenges under ” Challenge your friends and family” tagline by sharing the photos and videos of Diwali festival.

These special moments how they are celebrating at home with the family and relatives is the main purpose behind this thought. This campaign promotes under the hashtag #DiwaliAtHomeChallenge.

Users can share the photos and videos by creating an Avtar to their Facebook post. To create an Avtar go to the Create post option and select your favourite layout under background colour options.

You can nominate your friends and family to participate in these challenges so that they can also share the photos and videos of Diwali celebration at home.

How To Participate In Challenge?
If users want to participate in DiwaliAtHomeChallenge then users need to enter a hashtag which ends up with Challenge before creating a new post. They have to click it on Try It button to participate in this challenge which is available in the Newsfeed section.
After selecting the background theme users can easily share their photos and videos on their Facebook page by publishing the post.
Users can create a DIY video to promote and create recyclable decor items and how to recycle light bulbs, candleholders, lanterns and challenge their loved ones to share their Diwali related DIY ideas under #DIYDiwaliChallenge.
Dress up your Avatar:
Another feature is Dress up your Avatar. With this feature, users can make their short-form text posts more expressively by sharing a special featured Diwali-themed Avatars Background.
personalised matching Avtar with colourful background theme

Facebook is trying to create the best platform to share greeting cards and messages on online media to double the happiness of Diwali festival. As Diwali is the colourful festival with different colours of bulbs, lamps,diyas, candle holders and fireworks and an emotional engagement of people makes it more cheerful and enjoyable.

Digital Avtar is one of the special features which works with different types of languages with a colourful background to create personalised matching Avtar with the theme.

Warm wishes of Diwali helps to give an additional peaceful and emotional touch to everyone’s life. Facebook had recently launched the Diwali challenge with its safety guidelines after the Covid-19 situation.

A Nice Platform For Mobile Users:
Social media is trying to deliver good wishes for all those peoples who are not able to celebrate the Diwali with their family and relatives. More than 90% of users are operating these social media through smartphones only.
Facebook is the media through which peoples can share their emotions, thoughts, photos, avtars to their loved ones in their absence. Users can post their messages in any languages by matching background colourful themes.

As social distancing is must for everyone even after the market has been opened for the biggest festival of Diwali. Peoples are ready to purchase the decorative Items from the market but this year, they are giving major preferences for online shopping by staying at home.

People also giving priorities for local shops for sweets or Diwali decor items and avoiding gathering at public places.

By keeping in mind the festival season, peoples are ready to prepare their Diwali decor ideas on social networking media’s like Facebook and other social media platforms.

    “Happy Diwali”
 “Stay Home – Stay Safe”
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