Communication Skill: 7 Important Interpersonal Skills

What Is A Communication Skill?

Communication skill is the ability to convey your message or idea from one person to another person in an effective way.

Communicating the message with your friends, managers, or other office staff should be effective so that they will get more clarity.

Communication Skill

In today’s digital world, you can convey your message through e-mail, phone calls, SMS, etc. So, good communication skills will help to improve your image in the workplace. No matter in which industry you are working or willing to work.

To convey your message more effectively, communication skills must include speaking, listening, and observing techniques to send or receive the information from sender to receiver.

3 Types Of Effective Communication Skills

1. Verbal Communication Skill:
Verbal communication skill is common things in every workplace. It conveys your message by speaking words or telephone conversation.

In verbal communication, the voice should be loud and clear so that the listener can understand your message clearly.

2. Non-Verbal Communication Skill:
In nonverbal communication skills, hand gestures, facial expressions, and body language are some of the essential factors to be considered. These kinds of gestures help you to build your confidence to the next level.

A leader with a proper dress code indicates his knowledge and personality with a positive approach so that he can address his team very clearly.

3. Visual Communication Skill:
Visual communication skill includes a sign, color, posters, maps, etc. These indications are important to guide the topic.

For example, the offers in a particular shop are to be highlighted by posters and attractive colors so that the customer can understand easily what they are looking for and what they are getting.

Importance Of Communication Skills in Professional Life

1. To Enhance Your Image Workplace:
To enhance your image, Your first impression should be your best impression in front of your family, friends, and workplace. Everyone likes a smiley face and a positive attitude to convey your message because it reflects your personality.

In business or at the workplace, you represent yourself as an owner of the business. Your positive attitude and presentation will help you to grow your personality in your professional as well as in your social life. Your net promoter score depends upon the customer service provided by you. So, good communication skills will help you at your workplace also.

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2. Improves Your Learning Habits:
You learn to communicate with seniors, customers, and the public by speaking with them. You can able to answer them by listening to their queries which helps to improve your knowledge in that particular field.

To develop your communication skills, you must listen carefully and after that, you have to answer them politely. Good communication skill helps to collect information and share your thoughts in a meaningful manner. You can share your personal opinion with your team as well as you can tackle the question raised by someone.

3. Improves Your Involvement With Customers:
Every customer desires to be taken care of by the company or by the service team. Communication skills will help you to build a good rapport with customers which is an important point to develop your business as well as personal growth also. Because you are starting to interact with a large number of customers in a short time.

4. Growth In Career:
Every company looks for those types of employees who can think for the company to increase the business level and think for themselves. The employee who can solve the queries of staff and customers also.

You can be responsible to take the initiative and grow your business for a long time of success. You can share your ideas and creativity in front of seniors to show your leadership qualities and ability to achieve the same.

communication skill

Employers want staff who can always think for themselves for profitability, use initiative, and solve problems, and staff who are interested in the long-term success of the company.

If you are to be seen as a valued member and able to the growth of the organization, it is important not just to be able to do your job well, but also to communicate your thoughts on how the processes and products or services can be improved.

You can take participate in discussions with the team, and cooperate with team members while doing any task at the workplace. You can convey your message very clearly and understand it to other team members.

Important 7 C’s Of Communication In Your Professional Life:

1. Clear Communication:
Communication should be clear and easy to understand as well as goal-oriented. The information or any kind of action should be meaningful. Try to share your thoughts and ideas meaningfully but in fewer words.

2. Concise:
While explaining any planning or ideas you should stick with those ideas and you should always speak related to them briefly. The customer doesn’t want to listen to a long conversation. They appreciate the small but sweet conversation.

3. Concrete:
When your message conveys concretely then it gets easy to understand the customers and public very clearly.

4. Correct:
Your message should be correct and clear. Try to avoid the technical terms because they get difficult to understand by customers.

5. Coherent:
Your communication should be coherent. All the points in the topic should be connected to show the relationship between them.

6. Complete:
The communication flow and the discussion should be meaningful so that conveying your message completely is necessary for the speaker and to listener.

7. Courteous:
Courteous is a friendly type of communication. It doesn’t contain any orders or suggestions but it is typically an honest conversation. You can easily suggest your point to others in a friendly environment.


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