06 Unique Diwali Gift Ideas To Brighten Someone’s Day

The festive season is in full swing from October and Diwali is just a few days away. Are you still not getting an idea about any Diwali gifts? Don’t worry! Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale is on boom and we find out some of the best Diwali gift ideas for any occasion, especially for you.

If you are visiting your friends, family, or peer group, we suggest some great and trending Diwali gift ideas for the festive season. This works, especially if your friends love electronic gadgets. This Diwali, if you’re ready to lift the mood for everyone around you, refer to the list below.

The most trending Diwali gift ideas for everyone

1. Smartwatches:

Everyone pays close attention to maintaining their fitness and health and smartwatches are the best gadgets to keep you informed and help you to stay updated about your health.

Diwali gift ideas

Smartwatches have more trending features and benefits than regular watches.

Here is the list of the best 5 Smartwatches that could be the best Diwali gift ideas for you.

1. Fastrack Limitless FS1 Pro Smartwatch:
2. Fire-Boltt visionary Bluetooth calling smartwatch 
3. Fire-Boltt Pheonix smartwatch 
4. Redmi Watch 3 with active Bluetooth calling
5. Noise Pulse 2 max smartwatch

2. The Fitness Tracker:

Who doesn’t want a healthier lifestyle? A fitness tracker helps to maintain your fitness and health by measuring your heart rate, calculating your step counts, burning calories, monitoring sleep activities, and more.

Diwali gift ideas

A healthy body keeps your mind fresh and motivated. It helps you to achieve your long-term exercise goals.

The fitness tracker comes with a screen and statistics to inform you about your health and fitness status. Gifting a Fitness or activity tracker to your friends and family is a good idea. It shows you care for them.

Here is the list of the best 5 Fitness Trackers that could be the best Diwali gift ideas for you.

1. Amazfit Band 7 Fitness Tracker 
2. Sonata Gold Smartband fitness tracker 
3. Fastrack Reflex activity tracker
4. SKS M5 Fitness tracker 
5. Raptas M4 Band Intelligence Bluetooth Wrist Smart Band and Fitness tracker

3. Portable Bluetooth Speakers:

Portable Bluetooth speakers are one of the best gift items for music lovers. These speakers come with wireless connectivity so that you can carry them anywhere. It allows professionals to conduct a meeting or a conference call with a high-quality sound.

Diwali gift ideas

You can keep it in the showcase to decorate your house. These speakers are portable, stylish in look, and attractive in design and the best thing is these are budget-friendly gadgets to gift to someone.

Here is the list of the best 5 Bluetooth speakers that could be the best Diwali gift ideas for you.

1. JBL GO3 wireless ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker 
2. Boat Stone 352 Bluetooth speaker 
3. Boat stone 620 Bluetooth speaker 
4. Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 Bluetooth speaker
5. Sony SRSXB 13 Bluetooth speaker 

4. Wireless Earbuds/Headsets:

One of the most significant advantages of wireless earbuds is a user gets freedom from tangled wires and damage. The wireless technology offers you the flexibility to go anywhere so that they offers you a seamless and hassle-free audio experience.

Some wireless earbuds and headsets offer you the ability to connect with multiple devices. Wireless earbuds offer the perfect mixture of comfort and versatility. Selecting wireless earbuds could be the best Diwali gift idea for employees and is a realistic choice that can enhance their work experiences.

Here is the list of the best 5 wireless earbuds that could be the best Diwali gift ideas for you.

1. OnePlus Nord Buds
2. Realme Buds T300 
3. JBL wave 200 in earbuds
4. Amazon basics true wireless earbuds 
5. Boat Airdopes 141 Bluetooth earbuds

5. Electric Kettle:

An electric kettle is a useful device in the home appliances category. Sometimes people want to drink hot water during the winter season or for health reasons.

An electric kettle helps those people to boil the water immediately. Not only water but also tea or coffee can be prepared in the kettle within a few seconds only.

Here is the list of the best 5 electric kettles that could be the best Diwali gift ideas for you.

1. Milton Euroline Go electro 1.5L kettle
2. Wipro Vesta 1.8L kettle
3. Prestige stainless steel 1.5L kettle 
4. Kent Elegant electric gas kettle
5. Amazon basics 1500w electric kettle

6. Hand Blender:

Few people think that gifting a hand blender is not a good idea but with the help of a hand blender mixing and kneading becomes easier and it consumes a little electricity. Working women or a housewife can understand its benefits.

The hand blenders are lightweight in design and easy to handle. It also requires a little space in your kitchen. You can use it for everything from baking flour to making smoothies.

Here is the list of the best 5 Hand blenders that could be the best Diwali gift ideas for you.

1. Philips hand blender
2. Orpat hand blender 
3. Kent hand blender 300w
4. Rico hand blender 
5. Amazon Basics 300w hand blender

7. A Portable Power Bank:

Power banks can keep gadgets powered during power outages or in an emergency when the power is needed. They can also charge devices anywhere, anytime because of their lightweight design, portability, and higher charging capacity.

Power Banks can charge the device through a USB cable and multiple devices can be charged if multiple USB ports are available.
Here is the list of the best 5 Portable Power Banks that could be the best Diwali gift ideas for you.

1. Mi Powerbank 3i 20000mAh 
2. Min10000mAh Li-ion power bank 
3. Ambrane 20000mAh Power Bank 
4. Ambrane 10000mAh slim Power Bank
5. Amazon Basics 10000mAh Power Bank 

The festival of lights (Diwali) should be a great time to shower love on your friends and family in India. Electronic gadgets, Amazon gift cards, Flipkart gift cards, and Myntra gift cards are some of the special and best Diwali gift ideas for any occasion.


Don’t take the usual route of putting soap and sweets on it! The best Diwali gift should be something that helps them make their home attractive, of course, they don’t ask you for anything else.

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