Fossil Smartwatch Gen5: Review

Fossil Smartwatch Gen5:

The fossil smartwatch gen 5 is the best smartwatch which comes with Wear OS and this smartwatch is the best option to wear. The fossil Gen 5 watch comes with all the latest and updated features which come in other comparative brands.

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Many other brands designed their Smartwatches using Google’s Wear OS software for Android as well as for iOS. The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is much better than other brands, it is because of the powerful battery back-up and a smooth software experience provided by the company. It would be a strong competitor of other brands in the market.

The fossil group is a very popular and well-known brand in this industry so that the Fossil 5 Gen is the latest smartwatch which comes with Wear OS and in simple design yet it is a powerful product of Fossil’s lineup.

The Fossil smartwatch is good looking and also available in different colours and straps. The smartwatch is slim and 1.28 AMOLED display is very much attractive. The 12mm thick and 44mm wide watch looks more attractive after wearing the smartwatch on the wrist.

The 12mm display is clear and can also be visible in direct sunlight with an automatic adjustment feature so that you can see the notification and time.

Fossil Smartwatch Battery Back-up:

The long-lasting battery back-up makes it more powerful gadget. The battery cannot be replaced and non-removable. The user can operate the smartwatch for a whole day by activating Daily mode in the smartwatch.

The battery will provide a back-up for a full day even after running the other tasks in the background. Whereas, other smartwatches did not provide such kind of strong back-up. In addition to that, Extended battery mode is also provided by the company.

This is one of the benefit and advantage of the Fossil smartwatch user. One USB connector comes with the smartwatch for charging it.

Fossil Smartwatch WEAR OS:

The Wear OS is improved a lot and the smartwatch is designed in such a way that if you swipe on the display of smartwatch then it will navigate you into different features like, if you swipe it from left to right then it will activate the Google Assistance feature and if you swipe from right to left then it will allow you operate different notifications on the watch.

For activating or changing some essential settings you just have to swipe from the top end of the watch. These are the essential and easy settings which are regularly used by users.

Source: fossil

WEAR OS is one of the best OS but the setup process is somehow lengthy, once the process of setup is failed then you need to reset and restart again. After disconnecting the smartwatch with a smartphone then again you have to reboot it.

Fossil Smartwatch Specifications:

Screen: 1.28in AMOLED (328ppi)

Case size: 44mm

Case thickness: 12mm

Band size: 22mm

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100


Storage: 8GB

Operating system: Wear OS

Water resistance: 30 metres (3ATM)

Sensors: altimeter, ambient light, gyroscope, heart rate, microphone, speaker NFC, GPS

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, wifi

The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch comes with below features:


1. Processor And Storage:

The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor which is very much strong to work smoothly. Apart from that 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage is given.

2. Health Tracker:

It automatically tracks activity goals, steps,h heart rate, cardio level etc. The activity modes with GPS helps you to stay on track with your distance and track. So that now track your workout and modify it to achieve your fitness goals.

3. Water Resistance (3ATM):

It helps to prevent the smartwatch from water damage. It will help you to wear the smartwatch while swimming without fearing of the water damage.

4. Google Pay:

This feature is added for making the contact less payments. It will be helpful for you to pay anytime and anywhere without keeping your wallet and cards with you at all times. No need to worry if you forget your wallet and money, it is the more convenient way of payment.

5. Phone’s Notification:

It helps you to always stay connected with your smartphone for receiving calls and other notifications like, texts, automatic time, time zone and calendar syncing which prevents you from missing any calls when your mobile is out of coverage area.

6. Other Features:

Ambient light, Altimeter, Heart rate, Microphone, Speaker, Gyroscope etc. are some of the best features provided by the company.

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