Unlimited Health Benefits Of 7 Stages Water Purification Home Systems

Healthy and pure drinking water are important for the immune system and health benefits.

Impure water is the leading source behind the majority of the disease in almost every country.

Water purification home systems are designed for removing unwanted chemicals from water and make to make it pure and healthy for drinking.

Healthy benefits

This process is known as water purification process and this process is used for filtering harmful viruses, bacterias and chemicals particles from the water to add taste and freshness to water.

For drinking purposes and for staying safe, most people thought that filtered water is good for their health benefits.

Filtered water provides better quality and taste due to the unnecessary and harmful element gets removed from that.

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The Importance Of Water Purification For Health Benefits:

In rural areas, the provision of clean and healthy water is a challenging task and due to that, the final result comes in the form of critical and serious diseases which may cause death most of the time.

Due to limited resources and a high population, this problem remains in the rural areas. Diarrhea, kidney problem occurs due to the unsafe drinking water and such type of diseases are commonly found in children.

Due to the water purification system, healthy and freshwater remains only by leaving behind toxic materials and impurities in water.

Healthy and pure drinking water are very much essential and beneficial for everyone’s health. You can only take care of your body by drinking fresh and pure drinking water.

Difference Between Water Purification Home Systems – Water Filter And Water Purifier:

Water Filter:
Water Filtration is the process through which pollutants are to be separated with the help of physical filters.

Most of the water purification system comes with Activated carbon filtration systems to block the unwanted contaminant from water.

Water Purifier:
Water filter and water purifier sound the same but water purifier works for killing the germs and bacterias from water which we can’t see by our eyes. To kill the bacterias from water, Iodine or Chlorine are used.

Ultraviolet (UV) treatment, Reverse Osmosis (RO) system are the effective technologies used in water purifiers.

The water that comes from any kind of source is easily purified with these technologies.

What Is UltraViolet (UV) Water Purification?

In the UltraViolet water purification system, the UV rays are used to kill and remove harmful bacterias from water without affecting the taste of water.

Such type of purified water is considered good for health benefits.

What Is Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier System?

In this purification process, a membrane is used. The only water molecules move in this membrane from one side to another.

The impurities kept aside while moving the water molecules from one side to the other and the water becomes healthy and fresh because RO water doesn’t contain harmful bacterias.

Features And Health Benefits Of Water Purification Home Systems:

Healthy benefits

1. Patented Active Copper Technology:
The active copper cartridge and copper technology charge copper ions with other available essential minerals into the water.

2. Active Mineral Guard Technology:
It helps to retain natural minerals like, calcium, magnesium which provides safe and healthy water.

3. UV e-boiling System:
UV e-boiling system is provided to drink safe and pure water as boiled for 20 minutes.

4. Suitable For All Types Of Water:
The water purification system is suitable for all types of water sources like bore well municipal, tanker water.

5. Electronic Authentication Cartridge:
The Electronic Authentication Cartridge gives us the guarantee of safe and healthy water to protect our health.

6. Energy Saving Mode:
The energy-saving mode works to take auto cut off the electricity once the water tank is full. This feature helps to save wastages of electricity.

7. Smart LED Indicators:
Smart LED Indicator reminds you about filter replacement, servicing of the purifier and it also indicates the water tank is full.

How Does Water Purification System Works With 7 Stages Of Purification System For Health Benefits:

1. Filtration:
Filtration is the process of removing dust, mud and sand particles from the water.

2. Chemi-Block:
This process helps to reduce the excess amount of chlorine particles and organic impurities from water so that bad odour and taste will be absorbed.

3. Mineral Guard:
The mineral guard works for retaining essential natural minerals like calcium and magnesium from water.

4. Taste Adjuster:
Taste Adjuster helps in enabling to adjust the taste of water depending upon the source of water.

5. RO Membrane:
It reduced the hardness of water by removing heavy metals like Arsenic, Lead and Mercury. RO membrane also removes pesticides from water and kills viruses and bacterias from water.

6. UV e-boiling System:
This system ensures that each drop of water is as pure and healthy as water boiled for more than 20 minutes.

7. Patented Active Copper Technology:
This technology helps to dissolve copper ions into the water.

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