How To Secure My Passwords? The Best Secure App For Passwords Is Here

Why Secure App For Passwords Is A Must?

It is our responsibility to protect our mobile from harmful activities and for that, we have to install trusted and genuine mobile security app to secure passwords and personal data.

How To Secure My Password And Data?

The most common question that arises in everyone’s mind is How to secure my passwords and mobile from hacking and it is a valid point to discuss because digital terrorism increasing day by day.

Due to the Digitalisation concept, every person knows the importance of online usage. Now everyone is becoming familiar with the advantages and benefits from that.

People are getting more attracted to online transactions due to the ease to operate it and it’s a time-saving process. On the other hand, online transactions are harmful.

Mobile data and financial details can be hacked easily. Fake messages, fake links and social media misusage are some of the major concerns behind mobile hacking.

To avoid such misuse of our data we should secure our mobile from hacking. Hence, installing an antivirus is the best and secure app for passwords and mobile.

Bodyguard Mobile Security is one of the best antiviruses for mobile security and passwords. Your applications, passwords and personal data are to be stored mobile-only means your mobile knows everything about you.

These informative data could be easily hacked because most of the time and unknowingly we connect with unsecured Wi-Fi connections and links received through messages.

How To Secure My Passwords And Apps With Bodyguard Mobile Security?

1. Online Protection:
Bodyguard auto-scans all the useful and harmful links in the messages and files before you opening in your mobile. It will block them once found unsafe.

2. No Need To Updated:
No need to update or scan your antivirus application regularly. It automatically scans and updates the whole system to keep your passwords and apps safe.

3. Financial Security:
It will protect you against harmful activities during your online financial transactions like secure internet banking, secure payments and browsing also.

4. Unlocking Websites:
You can access your most favourite websites from another country. TV shows, movies that are not allowed on Indian servers. You just have to install the Bodyguard Mobile Security app and make it turned ON.

5. How To Secure My Passwords Through IP Address:
Privacy is the most important factor of the Bodyguard Mobile Security app. Your IP address is the only responsible factor to operate your mobile for hackers and Bodyguard will hide your original IP address by replacing it with a dummy IP address so that no one will track your online activities.

6. Airtight:
With the help of the Airtight feature, you can protect your sensitive information like photos, videos, financial data, banking applications and passwords by locking them with the help of a PIN.

7. Location Tracker:
Location Tracker is a very useful feature for tracking your stolen mobile. You can easily track the location, remotely operate your mobile, and it can capture a snapshot of the thief if he tried to unlock your mobile anywhere.

8. Patriot:
You can find out the country of origin of installed apps so that you can easily uninstall unwanted or other countries installed applications with one click. This feature is available only for Android users.

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Advantages Of The Most Secure App For Passwords And For Mobile Security?

“Bodyguard Mobile security” is the most secured app designed by SafeHouse Technologies to secure mobile data and passwords. This is all because of its benefits which are mentioned below:

1. It provides us Military-grade security which could not be hacked by hackers.
2. You can make your mobile more secure by providing online protection with a single click.
3. It helps to browse safe and to access your data securely.
4. It provides you with fast and secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) access.
5. Lock your sensitive apps with secure passwords and learn more about how to secure your passwords and personal data.
6. You can also find out the origin of your built-in applications and from which country they belong.
7. You can find out your leaked data by using your e-mail address.
8. You can trace or locate your mobile if it is stolen.

How To Secure My Passwords-Easy To Use:

Bodyguard Mobile Security comes in 2 different variants and both will come with a one-year licence subscription. This mobile security app comes with password protection.

Just one min of set-up is required to activate this app to secure passwords and installed applications. It will automatically scan and update the system for finding any harmful activities.

A 30MB of space is required to install the Bodyguard Mobile Security app which is a lightweight application and which helps to use a very less amount of battery.

Bodyguard Personal:
This variant is made up for Indian server-based websites only and the subscription for 1 year comes in just 599/-

Bodyguard VIP:
This version is designed for international secure servers and it is useful for those websites whose access is not available in India. The Bodyguard VIP security comes in just 799/-

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