What Is A “Traditional” HP Desktop Computer? (2023)

About HP Desktop Computer :

A desktop computer is a type of personal computer that is designed for regular usage, but it should be placed in a place, and it is not convenient to move from one place to another due to its large size.

Still, the HP desktop computer is one of the favorite brands of users. It requires continuous power supply because it doesn’t contain batteries.

Most of the people get confused between Desktop computers and Laptops when purchasing them.

Because both machines are designed for the same purpose, whenever this confusion occurs in people, I always ask them some probing questions like, Who is the user? What is the primary purpose of buying a machine? Etc…

After getting an answer from people, it gets easy to understand the basic needs of people and then it gets easy to differentiate between laptop and desktop computers.

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Laptop :
The laptop is a portable device, and it can be easily moved from one place to another while traveling. It comes with batteries, so it doesn’t require a continuous power supply—less space is needed to keep it.

Desktop :
A desktop computer is designed for regular family usage so that everyone can use it. Due to its large display size and other accessories, it occupies considerable space in a house or office.

HP Desktop Computers are divided into three main categories: Gaming desktops, Business desktops, and Student desktops.

A few years ago desktop computer came with separate Monitor, speakers, mouse, and keyboards, so such kind of desktop computers occupies ample space. Nowadays, most of the desktop computer comes with All-In-One PC.

Why To Select HP Desktop Computers?

Desktop computers have a larger screen than a laptop. It is for more than one person can operate or see the display.

HP Desktop Computer

Desktop computers are kept in a fixed place so that everyone can manage them efficiently. The keyboard and Mouse are not attached to it directly so it is convenient to use a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse.

The large display helps to see videos or graphical work much better than a laptop.

HP Desktop Computers Come With The Following Parts:

1. Monitor :
The monitor is the display or screen. It comes in different sizes like 20 inches, 21.5 inches, 22 inches etc. You can select your monitor screen as per your choice and requirements.

2. CPU (Central Processing Unit) :
CPU is the heart of any desktop computer. The motherboard, processors, and connecting cables are collectively arranged in the cabinet and are called CPUs. It helps to send or receive signals from sender to receiver. It is the mediator between the user and the machine.

3. Keyboard And Mouse :
These are input devices of desktop computers. These are attached with USB connectivity with networks. You can use a wireless keyboard and mouse as per your choice.

4. Speakers :
These are external speakers for sound output. These are required for watching videos or playing games on desktop computers.

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All-In-One HP Desktop Computer :

This is a new concept of the desktop which is available in the market. It comes with a built-in CPU, monitor, web camera, speakers, etc.

So it is designed as a laptop to save the additional space occupied by separate CPUs and Separate monitors in the old desktops. All-in-one desktops are lightly weighted as compared with old desktops.

Desktop computers don’t have batteries, so they require a power supply, but during the work power supply gets disconnected then your essential data should be lost.

The Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) helps to provide your backup power supply by storing power for up to half an hour so that you can get the time to save your data.

Let us Discuss Two Common Things about HP Desktop Computers: Hardware and Software

Hardware :
Hardware is a physical part of any computer
Which can we touch and feel? The keyboard, mouse, and speakers are the hardware parts and all the internal parts inside the cabinet like the motherboard, and PCB are called Hardware.

Processor :
Intel and AMD are two well-known, and popular processors to be used in any desktop computer. Depending upon speed and graphics quality users can choose the processor as per their needs.

It is also called Random Access Memory or Desktop Memory. It helps to boost the speed of your desktop. If you are a primary user, then 2 GB RAM is sufficient, but if you or a hardcore gaming user and your work is related to graphics or animation then 8 GB RAM is enough for your use.

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For data storage, a Hard disk is to be used. The storage capacity of the hard drive should be 320GB,500GB,1TB, etc…The hard drive is a storage device, but once it is broken, it will not be repaired, and all your stored data will be lost.

Softwares :
Software is those parts that we can’t touch, but it is a set of instructions that give commands to hardware What to do? is called software.

It is not possible to run a desktop without an operating system, so it is also called the heart of the computer system.

Operating System, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office are some of the examples of software. Windows, Linux, and Macintosh are some of the famous Operating systems.

These are some essential parts and accessories of a desktop computer. Many people think that laptops and desktops are the same things, but for both devices, users are different.

HP Desktop computers are majorly used in offices, commercial places, schools, colleges, and many more places. Laptops are mostly used for personal use, and desktops are used for private as well as commercial purposes.

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