World’s First Rollable LG OLED TV(OLED65R1PTA) 65inch

Television is one of the most essential things for entertainment and is available in everyone’s home.

LG OLED TV is one of the premium television sets which helps to decorate your home.

One of the old black and white TVs turns into a realistic OLED TV. It’s because of the up gradation in the technology.

In this article, we will see the details of the LG Rollable OLED TV.

LG has launched their latest model as the Signature OLED R in their lineup. The 65-inch OLED Rolling model is made up of a rollable glass panel.

Any OLED Television is some of the best that one can buy. LG has launched a 65-inch Signature Rollback 4K smart LED with various features.

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LG OLED TV (OLED65R1PTA): Signature 4K Smart TV

An ultra-thin screen rolls into a cutting-edge sound system. This amazing display is only possible with OLED’s self-lit pixel technology.

How Does A Rollable LG OLED Signature TV Work?

The weight of the TV equipment, including the α9 processor, is bundled in its base which serves as a Dolby Atmos speaker.

A restrictive connector interfaces the rollable screen to the TV’s internals.

The actual screen is upheld on the rear by a progression of interlocking bars that run the width of the screen.

This keeps the screen from moving in an accidental course while permitting the screen to stand unbending when expanded.

Further help is given by an edge guide that stretches out with the screen and creases flawlessly once more into the crate when withdrawn.

LG’s rollable TV flaunts three survey modes: the full 65″ show, a “line view” where it sits to some degree arose with sound controls, and other diagnostics in plain view.

Moving the screen makes the TV simpler to store and opens up additional opportunities for how shoppers plan their living spaces — wiping out that unpropitious dark mirror from your lounge.

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65-inch Signature R 4K Smart LG OLED TV Specifications:

Resolution Ultra HD 3840×2160
Display OLED 4K Rollable
Processor a9 Gen4 AI 4K Processor
Upscaler Resolution AI 4K Upscaler
OS LG WebOS Smart TV
Motion Pro OLED
Dimming Technology Self-lighting pixel
Active noise reduction Quad Step NR
Speaker 4.2 channel speaker/Front firing
Audio Output 100w
Sub-woofer 40w
Bluetooth audio 2-way playback
Bluetooth V5.0
Google Assistant Built-in Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa Built-in Amazon Alexa
AI Features AI UX, AI Home, Conversational AI

We will see the features of the LG OLED TV.

1. LG OLED 4K TV offers you the widest viewing angle:

A large screen size ensures that your visual experience should not be affected while watching the OLED Television.


Everyone sits in front of the TV to enjoy the uninterrupted shows or movies.

The OLED TeleVision is very much appreciated by users because of its popular viewing angles.

The display size of the LG OLED Rollable TV has been designed with self-illuminating pixels to adjust the levels of contrast and brightness.

2. OLED TV has a perfect color combination:
A new high-end and technology-based television comes with some unique features.

So, it is a must to know the details of features to operate the OLED Television.

It has an infinite contrast ratio. The contrast ratio is defined as it is the difference between the brightest and darkest points on an OLED screen.

3. Fastest Response Time:
It has the fastest response time to switch from one application to another without lagging. Video games are the best examples of response time.

The video game requires high-end graphics to provide unmatched quality of experience.

So one can enjoy playing games on LG OLED 65″ TV due to the fast response rates of pixels.

The main reason LG OLED Rollable TVs can turn on and off pixels individually.

4. Energy Efficient:
LG OLED Rollable TV is an energy-proficient gadget. It consumes less energy compared with the LED.

However you reduce the brightness levels, your OLED R TV will consume less power than your typical LED TV.

5. Price Point:
LG has been forceful with its evaluating technique lately to go up against any deception by Samsung and Sony.

Price for India: ₹7999990

Price for the US: $100000

Price for the UK: £100,000

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