Discover The Magic Of Google’s NotebookLM And Gemini

What is Google NotebookLM?

Google has recently introduced Notebook LM (A note-taking software) using Artificial Intelligence technology. LM is for “Language Model”. This is Google’s most developed large language model (LLM).

The NotebookLM comes with a variety of features including the most advanced LLM version which is the Gemini Pro.

What Is The Gemini Pro LLM?

It is the new generative AI model and an advanced version of the Large Language Model. With the help of Gemini Pro, the LLM can understand different types of information, including text, audio, images, and video.

The Gemini Will Be Available In 3 Different Models:

1. Gemini Ultra:

This is the largest model of Gemini, which is designed to perform complex jobs and it is the highest-tier LLM model.

GPT-4 can understand the context of just words and images, whereas the Gemini model is an advanced version that can understand minute information for comments, pictures, and audio, and it is designed to perform the most complex tasks in Mathematics and Physics.

2. Gemini Pro:

This model is designed to perform a wide range of jobs and what is currently powering Google Bard. It is specially designed for summarizing the contents.

Google Bard is a free software similar to ChatGPT but Google Bard provides you with most of the services free of cost whereas OpenAI provides these features in their premium model.

3. Gemini Nano:

The Nano is a lightweight model designed for mobile users. Currently, it is rolling out in the form of the recent AI Core app for Pixel 8 Pro users.

Features Of AI-Powered Google NotebookLM:

Google’s most popular AI-powered Notebook LM is currently available for US users only.


Google has launched a Notebook LM where you can pin quotes from your written notes. It will help you to summarize the text and to understand the complex tasks.

It will provide a new way to understand the technical language.

You can organize your notes in the form of a structured document using the features of Notebook LM.

What Is The Use Of Google’s NotebookLM?

NotebookLM is an AI-powered notebook designed to guide you in solving complicated tasks and collecting the necessary information.

Google’s Notebook LM explains The role of Artificial Intelligence in Education with the help of language models (LLM). It will work as a personalized AI for you.

It will work as a personal virtual assistant that can guide you in solving complicated tasks or summarizing the facts.

How To Use Google Notebook LM?

You can use Notebook LM for Google Docs. For that, you have to select the specific Google Docs to generate ideas and generate a summary.

If you are a student and have uploaded documents on Google Docs then you can ask a question to Notebook LM to create a summary of the key points in the documents.

You can also generate ideas related to your topics and frame a script of your content as well as you can make a list of questions that will be useful to solve your doubts.

Google’s Notebook LM Limitations:

Currently, Notebook LM supports Google Docs, PDF files, and copy-pasted content only.

Each source can contain up to 200,000 words. Google is working to enhance the user experience by reviewing word limits.

Do not upload any personal or sensitive information on Google Docs to protect your data.

In this way, we can use the Notebook LM, the AI-powered technology to solve complex problems simply. One can summarize the content and ask questions to gather data from the uploaded documents. The Gemini Pro LLM, the new generative AI model will support you in understanding information like text, videos, and pictures.

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