Role Of Technology In Human Life

We all are surrounded by various technologies which help us to make our work and human life easier. This technology is the contribution of human efforts and science.
Role Of Technology In Human Life
The computer is a well-known example of technology that is made up of a human being to make human life comfortable.
It shows that human Intelligence and thinking can take any decisions based on their experiences. As we all know that the computer is one of the intelligent and faster devices than human beings still a laptop, never beat human Intelligence.
A machine can perform any difficult task, which is an impossible task to deliver to a human being, but these computers or devices are contributions to the human being.
Human being developed the memory of the computer-generated processor to work faster, and human beings design many more things.
We should not forget that technology is playing the role of mediator for communication between human-made machines and human beings.
The first things like painting, sculptures, forts are the creation of human beings, and a computer can only be reproduced in its copy. So technology can help us to reduce workloads, but it can never be used as a substitution of the workforce.
Role Of Human Beings In Human Life:
Because of technology, we are just a click away from what we want. It means the machine needs command for doing things for us, and humans can give powers to operate machines. Human beings are required to supervise technology.
Machines can do the given tasks within a given period without taking a break or without getting tired like human beings. So most large companies and factories are in favor of replacing human beings with machines. It will be helpful to increase production by supervising the devices.
This makes their work more comfortable at low. The best example of replacing human beings with newly developed technologies. These robots are working at Hospitals, Hotels, service industries, etc… because it works continuously without a break and salary. Technology can support human efforts and function, but humans can never replace it.
Advantages Of Technology In Human Life:
1. Internet is one of the most famous examples of technology. We can communicate with anyone who is even miles away from us.
2. You can search for any information with a click with the help of your Laptop or desktop from your home. What else we want other than this?
3. Thanks to technology because it is again a time-saving process and helps the human being to complete the work in their absence also. Washing machines, Dishwashers are used to reduce workloads and can complete the work in the absence of human beings.
4. Technology has made great revolutions in all the fields which are related to our life. The medical field is one of the great examples of technology. X-ray Machines, scanning machines are gifts from technology to Doctors and for the patient also.
5. You can store food items for up to a week with freshness in your Refrigerator is also an example of technology.
6. You can send or receive your messages from your mobile to a person who lives far away from you. It is a day-to-day life example of technology.
7. Letters are replaced by E-mails which is a faster and convenient way to send or receive your messages in just a click which contributes to making human life more simple and faster.
8. By using internet banking, we can send or receive the money within few minutes with confirmation messages.
9. CCTV cameras can take a watch inside or outside your house in the absence of you. It can provide details of every second to you.
10. You can share your thoughts, videos, and messages on social media within a few seconds and that can share with all your contacts.
Disadvantages Of Technology In Human Life :
We spend more of the time on the internet than it would be for different purposes and reasons. Human life is totally surrounded by technology.
Nowadays, People create many fake and imaginary accounts on social media or various websites so that it gets difficult to identify the original one. People create a virtual world on the internet and live a parallel life on the internet.
So that they are going away from their original identity, family, and friends, people can hide their unique status and gives birth to crime from a fake user account. Banking Card misuses, bank account fraudulent transactions are some of the famous examples of technologies.
Human beings make these technologies; techniques can work better than a human being but can’t beat human Intelligence.
Effects On Human Life :
Technology plays a vital role in human life. It doesn’t depend upon our awareness.
1. Many health applications are available on the internet for tracking illness, and it becomes easy to consult with your doctor. These apps can help to track your BP level, sugar level, and exercises.
2. You can book an appointment online with your doctor and your doctors so that your time will save.
3. Some gaming applications can help to reduce your mental stress.
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