3 Types Of Air Conditioning, Benifits | When Air Conditioner Was Invented?

When Air Conditioner Was Invented?

Have you ever thought, When Air conditioner was invented? and what kind of changes occurred in it to date? Different types of air conditioning present.

During the hot summer days, but cold winters, a properly functioning air conditioning system is indispensable in the office.

Types of air conditioning
Willis Carrier

The first modern air conditioner was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier in 1902.

Willis Haviland Carrier was an expert engineer so later on, he founded the Carrier Engineering Corporation in 1915. He struggled a lot to achieve success.

The idea for the invention of an air conditioner system was taken from evaporated water. The law of humidity control was applied for this experiment.

Willis Carrier sent air through the coils filled up with cold water to identify the results from it. In today’s world, Carrier’s AC is popularly used for its productivity and luxuries.

For the first time Carrier introduced the first home air conditioner system.

Carrier designed and manufactured the air conditioner systems for employees to feel comfortable at the workplace. Career is one of the largest brands in ACs for commercial use.

What Is An Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner is used for cooling down the area by removing heat from the space and moving the heat to the outside area through ventilation provided with an air conditioner.

The air conditioner was designed to cool the area and for reducing the humidity. Around a decade ago, Air conditioning systems was well-known for luxuries life but today it is a common thing for everyone.

Types Of Air Conditioning:

Air conditioning can be used in several ways. That is why you, as a (future) user, have to consider what you want to use the air conditioning for. 

Is it for the cooling/heating of one large space, is it for several small spaces or is it the intention that cooling is done in places where it is needed?

As a user you can roughly choose from three types of air conditioning models, namely:

1.Mobile air conditioning systems

2.Split Air Conditioning Systems

3.Multi-split air conditioning systems

At Split and Multi-split we speak of installation work. Work will be done on the installation of the air-conditioning system both inside and outside an office building. 

Walls are pierced, drainage pipes are laid. When using mobile air conditioning, there will be poor delivery and adjustment.

Cooling And Heating?

Nowadays it is the case that air conditioning systems do not only cool. Heating is also one of the options nowadays. 

A so-called condensing unit makes it possible to both heat and cool. This allows you to control the climate in your business premises/office even better and faster.

Need Maintenance?

Types of air conditioning

Whether you have an active air conditioning system for several years or have just had one installed in the office, maintenance is something that must be done annually or more. 

The use of coolants in air conditioning makes it important that the system is properly serviced. 

That is why a recognized air conditioning installer will always have to carry out maintenance work for you.

Mobile Air Conditioning Systems:

Do you want to quickly and effectively create a cooling effect that can be transported to various rooms? Then a mobile air conditioner is a suitable solution for regulating the ambient temperature.

Imagine that, You have an office at home, and only have access to an office and a meeting room. 

Spaces where you will not be in at the same time, but where you prefer to cool down. With a portable air conditioner, you can quickly and easily cool a room by moving the mobile device from one room to another.

Mobile air conditioning can also be applied to office buildings that use multiple units (separated/closed) where consistent cooling is not desired.

What about monumental buildings or temporary accommodation, where installing Split air conditioning is not an option. In that case, the portable air conditioner always offers a solution.


In principle, every air conditioning system works the same. Warm air is drawn in and converted into cool air. 

However, the heat must be dissipated and, depending on the device, this can be done in two ways, namely through a hose that must be led to the outside (for example through a window), but nowadays it is also possible with a condensation tray (condensing unit). the heat is converted into condensation and thus collected.


Compared to one or two decades ago, mobile air conditioning devices have become quite economical. 

Where it initially revolved around the rapid cooling of rooms, regardless of energy consumption, today’s machines are equipped with a sustainable system that limits emissions and consumption as much as possible.


Systematically heat rooms individually

Cheaper than fixed air conditioning systems

Always a suitable solution for your home/office

Cost Of Air Conditioning Installation:

Air conditioning has no fixed price. The costs depend on a multitude of factors. 

When only looking at the type of air conditioning, the price is already very diverse. 

Think of the brand, type, model and functions. But of course, the installation company and the activities also have a major influence on the price.

Does Quality Have A Price?

Of course, if you want quality you will have to pay more for it than if you want an air conditioner of less quality. 

If you want air conditioning as cheaply as possible, you will not have to take a single or multi-split installation. 

We recommend that you go for a mobile air conditioning device. This saves you installation costs, and renewal is considerably cheaper than with a split air conditioner.

However, if you want a split air conditioning system, go for the quality. In the long run, the costs (or rather, the costs not incurred) will be in your favour. 

Although the purchase of a quality brand will be more expensive, you can assume that you will save money in the long run with lower consumption, repairs and less maintenance.

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