How To Decide Which Is Better iPhone Or Android For Photography

Which Is Better iPhone Or Android?

If you want to buy a smartphone then there are two choices of operating systems available in the market: iPhone (iOS) and Android OS. It’s your choice to decide whether you are comfortable with iOS or Android. In this article, we will find out which is better iPhone or Android for photographers.

All smartphone manufacturing companies claim that their smartphones have the best specs and features for everything that a user requires including the best cameras and lenses for photography.

Let’s compare the differences to find out which is better iPhone or Android for photography.

For Camera And Lenses Which Is Better iPhone Or Android?

Apple (iOS) or Android-based flagship smartphone comes with an innovative and technically advanced setup of three or four lenses. Samsung’s Galaxy series for Android and iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro max of iOS are the best examples of flagship series.

Android OS has very high-resolution versatile sensors and those are with have better-zooming capabilities than the iPhone.

Megapixels: Which Is Better iPhone Or Android?

The megapixel count is an important factor you should assume when buying a smartphone.

Android-based smartphones come with 50MP sensors and 200MP sensors which are available in Google Pixel 8 and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra models respectively. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the highest-megapixel camera smartphone in 2024.

The megapixels are useful for capturing low-light images, digital zooming, and image cropping. In this way, Android smartphones are available in a wider range in terms of megapixels. Here you can prefer Android smartphones for higher megapixels.

Camera Control: Which Is Better iPhone Or Android?

The best options for camera control (Manual mode) are to be found in Android. These functions of the camera mode are user-friendly.

The same functions in the iPhone are somehow basic and you can make some changes from the settings but up to a certain level you can upgrade.

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Video Mode:

Video matters a lot for every user, especially for influencers. If video is significant to you, take a closer look at the features of the specific smartphone before deciding to buy.


Which is better iPhone or Android


One of the latest iPhones offers you 4K recording whereas 8K recording is available in the Samsung Ultra series. Here Android OS again provides you an advantage for recording videos.

Longer Battery Backup:

Battery backup is a concern for all devices at all times but the smartphones like iPhone 14 pro max come with a powerful battery backup of 29 hours for playing video. Graphical content requires a heavy battery backup so we could say the iPhone has fulfilled the requirement of the users.

The basic to flagship Android mobiles do not support a strong battery life. A few exceptions are there but most of the times these mobiles produces heat when we watch videos for a longer time.

Price: Which is better iPhone or Android?

From the price point of view, Apple mobiles are more costly than Android devices. iPhone is a premium smartphone from the lineup of Apple. This iPhone is also to be used as a status symbol so, it is a bit more costly than the Android.

Whereas Android mobiles are cheaper than the iPhone. Still, a variety of camera applications are available at the Play Store and you can download the application of your choice free of cost. Most of the time paid camera applications are available at the Apple store.

Here, Android smartphones are versatile devices, and because of their user-friendly design and cheaper price, most users prefer these mobiles.


In this article, we covered the necessary points between iOS and Android. Still, the decision is yours. We hope you will consider the above points before buying a smartphone for photography and you will get the answer about which is better iPhone or Android.

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