Why Tablet PC Is Becoming So Popular

What Is A Tablet PC?
A tablet PC is a combination of  Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and Laptop. Tablets are touchscreen devices with wifi and cellular connection.
These tablets are more significant than mobiles, but in the function, it is similar to mobiles. This tablet comes with different Operating Systems like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.. depending upon users use and choice.
Tablets are small, portable devices which work similar to Laptop but don’t fulfil the requirements of Laptop because tablets have some limitations.
How To Differentiate Between Tablet PCs, Mobiles And Laptops?
A tablet with a digital pen
Let us Discuss the Tablet PC’s in Detail :
Display Size :
Most of the tablets come in 9.7″ display size. It is the standard size of a tablet. This display screen is made up especially for official and educational purpose.
An employee can send or receive an e-mail quickly and because of large display size videos or video calling gets more clarity than small size. Resolution of these tablets is high for getting a better video quality.
Operating System:
These tablets come with different Operating Systems like Android, iOS, Microsoft etc. The most popular operating system is the Android operating system.
Android OS :
Tablet with android operating systems is most common and favourite because of its user-friendly interface so that a new user can also run it efficiently.
Many free applications and updates are readily available at play store, so most of the users prefer Android OS.
iOS :
The tablet which comes with iOS is called as Apple iPad. The best thing about the iPad is, it is highly secured. Touch and feel interface of iOS is much better than any other tablet.
Apple iPad is designed especially for business class users because those users can operate it smoothly. They are having experience of managing iPhone or iMac.
The application used for iPad is available at the app store, but some of the claims are free and some of the paid. This type of tablets is expensive but more secured than others.
Windows OS :
These are Microsoft tablets having windows operating system. These tablets work as a Laptop. Microsoft Surface is the tab which comes with Windows OS.
Connectivity Options :
Now, some of the tabs come with an only wifi network, and most of the tablet comes with both wi-fi and cellular.
Tablet with a single wifi network used at particular places like schools, educational institutes, offices etc..where Wi-fi connectivity is available at all.
The cellular connection is used for mobile data usage, where the Wi-Fi network is not available. Some cellular tablet provides calling options also.
Camera :
Each tablet comes with dual cama era, and nd both given cameras are used for video calling, video conferencing and most of the times you can take photos of good quality.
Processor :
The processor or processing speed is much faster than mobile. The rate of opening and operating internet or operating an application is excellent because of its large display size and processing speed.
Usage and Experience :
For business users or proper use, the tablet can be used for showing presentations to the clients.
These tablets are mostly used by architectures and builders to show graphical presentation to their clients.
Tablets are commonly used for playing games and watching movies or videos on large display because considerable display experience is much better than mobile.
Graphical work or designing work is the most common usage of tablets.
Weight and Design :
Tablets are very light weighted; their weight is to be measured in grams. These are easy to carry products anywhere and anytime.
Due to the slim design and attractive look tablets are becoming the first choice of users.
Convertible Tablet :
Some of the tablets are convertible up to 180 degrees. These tablets are also known as foldable tablets. One digital pen or stylus comes with it for typing.
Let us see some Drawbacks of Tablet PC :
Virtual Keyboard :
It doesn’t come with physical keyboard connectivity so that the user can face some difficulties while typing.
Users always have to keep an eye on the keyboard while typing to avoid the mistakes. Still, you can connect an external Bluetooth keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity.
No External Connectivity Options :
Like USB connectivity for pen drive or hard disk connection, Ethernet port, HDMI output etc.. options are not available in tablets so that it is having connectivity issues and it cannot be compared with laptops.
Storage Capacity :
Tablets have built-in storage maximum up to 256GB, and it can be expanded.
In laptop minimum, 500 GB data storage comes, and it can be expandable by connecting an external hard drive. Such connectivity options are not available in tablets.
Other Accessories Of Tablet PC’s Are :
1. Backcover
2. Screen guard
3. Digital Pen
4. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
5. Antivirus
These are the usage and limitations of tablet PCs. Still, the tablet is a good option for the young generation as well as for business users because of its portability and slim design.
Everyone can send or receive their messages instantly. Convenient for watching videos, playing games and for travelling. You can also make calls in an emergency.
Your tablet PC will work as mobile and Laptop also. So Tablet PC is a good option and the choice.
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