Top 5 direct marketing companies in India

What is direct marketing?

Direct Marketing is also known as multi level marketing. Direct marketing companies sell products and required services to the targeted consumer directly.
Direct marketing companies

Why direct marketing?

The direct marketing companies are the only field who encourages people to earn lots of income which is beyond their expectations and the important thing is that this all should be done without any investment or at a very low cost of investment.
Direct Marketing is done with the only mouth to mouth publicity. In such type of businesses, the mediator is not required. Direct marketing companies work on-chain system by connecting peoples in the network.
Direct marketing companies
Benefits Of Direct Marketing Companies:
1. Very low investment or No investment
2. No capital required
3. Passive income source (Earning potential is high)
4. No need to keep the stock
5. No need to set up an office
6. No other expenses
7. Time freedom
8. Financial Freedom
9. Rewards and Recognition
10. Foreign tours and many more

Top 5 Direct Marketing Companies:

1. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited:
Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is one of the best direct marketing companies in India. It was officially established in the year 2013. The company sets a milestone by generating the revenue of 1000 crores in just 7 years and also achieved the Topmost position of the industry. Plan and Products are the backbones of the company.
Mi Lifestyle Marketing supports people by encouraging them to achieve their goals and dreams in life. Company deals in different categories of products. i.e. Personal care, Health care, Agro Products and Beauty care.
To promote these products, the company designed a plan and demo. Health care products are certified by “Ayush Mantralaya”. Company is also registered under “Skill India” certification.

After getting 17 years of experience, the company is associate with FICCI and FDSA. The company promotes their every executive as distributor in the beginning for promoting the products and the company strongly believes in mouth publicity.

2. Herbalife:
Herbalife was launched in 1980. It deals with nutritional products. Herbalife is a nutritional product-based and weight management and direct selling company.
The company promotes its nutrients products for a healthy and happy life. The company promotes weight-management, nutrition, and personal care products for a happy and healthy lifestyle. 
Herbalife Nutrition company works on integrity, honesty, humility and trust. The company believes in ethics which they are following. The company says; The success story of Herbalife’s executive depends upon two major factors.
1. The time, hard work to promote the business and commitments.
2. Business after selling the products by executives and team members.
3. Anyway India:
Amway is a U.S (America) based company and established in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. The company believes in teamwork. An Amway is a global company whose products are result-oriented.

For promoting the products, Amway used multi-level marketing model. With the help of this model and efforts of the employee, The company has generated the revenue of more than 9 billion USD in the year 2015.

4. KEVA:
KEVA was established in1922 by S.H.Kelkar and Saraswati Chemicals. The company is having it’s world-class fragrances, because of these best-selling flavours and fragrances, the company has gained the Topmost position in this industry.
KEVA is the leading brand in fragrances manufacturer in India. Company deals with  Wellness, Food, Personal care, Colour Cosmetics, Homecare, FMCG, Animal & Agriculture products.
This was the first direct selling company, who offers Buy One Get One Free concept in Digital Marketing. A company dealing with more than 400 products in almost all categories.
This all was possible because of the rewarded business plan.
5. Vestige:
Vestige was established in the year 2004. This is also dealing with health care and personal care products. Because of the powerful marketing plan and world-class products Vestige is growing consistently and generating record-breaking revenue.

Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and believes in providing world-class services to consumers. Vestige company is having more than 3000+ online and offline outlets in India.

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Direct marketing companies provide a good opportunity for those who want to meet people and having good communication skill. With a lot of efforts people also have to keep patience for earning a satisfactory income.

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