Direct Marketing:Easiest thing to learn

Direct Marketing

What is mean by Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing is about the type of advertisement which has directly sent to the targeted customers by the companies.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing companies follow an effective way of marketing by sending text messages to customers. The customer gets easy to understand the meaning of the message and after reading the particular message they act on it.

Different types of direct marketing

Direct mailing:

Direct Mailing is  how the companies or businesses can communicate with their customers by distributing leaflets to sell their products and services. Direct mailing can be done by considering the direct marketing list of customers from a particular area. It can be done by sending postcards and catalogs to the existing and prospect customers.

E-mail marketing

E-mail Marketing is another effective tool for marketing to attract the audience and helps to increase sales and services. It is one of the Costs effective and easy way to reach up to the targeted customers because everyone has their unique mail id which gets is easy to operate on smartphones. Direct marketing companies can promote their products and services by sending promotional advertisement, making banners or by sending text messages to the customers. This method is very much simple and well enough to generate leads and convert them into closing the sale.


Telemarketing is also one of the powerful tools to generate leads for businesses. Telemarketing is useful for contacting existing customers or to connect with new customers by offering them products or services on phone calls. In telemarketing, the research on customer data, planning and execution of ideas are most important. The services or product should be relevant according to the customers need and should be cost-effective.

Text marketing (SMS):

Text marketing is also a simple and cost-effective way to promote businesses. Companies could send messages on customers mobile by making groups or by sending SMS individually. It depends upon the data of their prospect and existing customers. Customer can get reminder and notification about the current offers, appointments, delivery updates etc. with a simple SMS.

Social Media (Online) marketing

Online marketing is an effective tool to expand businesses globally. The customer reaches up to you anytime and from anywhere so that the chances of selling your product and services are increased. Social media marketing depends upon your online network of peoples.

To increase the chances of selling companies business page is important in which the profile should be updated so that you can invite the people to join your page and introduce them about your products and other information. By sending or receiving messages, comments of the customers you can communicate with them easily. This marketing will help you to expand your business and network globally in very few time.

Direct selling

Direct selling technique helps to improve the chances of sales by individual selling the product and services at customer’s doorsteps or offices. In direct selling, an individual salesperson promotes the business which helps companies in saving advertisement cost, marketing cost so that companies have to distribute the commission directly to the salesperson.

Leaflet marketing

Leaflets can be posted by inserting in the newspaper, letterbox or through the handouts at customers doorstep. This is again a cost-effective tool for business growth. Leaflet Marketing can cover a large group of peoples so that the chances of getting leads are increases and there are possibilities of closing the sale by targeting the proper customer base.

Direct marketing

Benefits of Direct Marketing

The concept of direct marketing is helpful for customer and company also. It creates a win-win situation for both. The company invites the customer by sending messages, emailing or by making phone calls which are the coat effective tool for the company and customers get notification and reminders about the same so that it is the time-saving process for the customer and customer can avail the benefits of that specific product or services as per their requirement without searching additional options.

After the COVID situation, most of the customers prefers to shop from their offices or home only. They are browsing customers who always search for the best deals on the internet. These customers are always searching for the best offers for the selected products on different websites. These type of customers have targeted customers for companies and to provide a particular product or service to the customers is a very easy task for them to closing the sale.

1. Generate Leads of new customers

In Direct Marketing strategy, the customer base is very much important. So, companies can create a website where customers can drop their contact no, mail id and other information related to their requirements. This will help to increase the new customer base for growing the businesses.

2. Target your existing and prospect customers

Some old organisation still generating their sales from their existing customers. These companies are always ready to welcome their existing customers because the organisation believes in customer satisfaction. The existing customer regularly purchases your product and services then it works as a promotor and loyal customer for your business. While generating new leads don’t ignore the existing customers.

3. Take feedback from customers

Always try to take the valuable feedback from your every customer. It will show your positive and negative sides of the business. Some of your customers can buy repeatedly from you, it means these customers are your loyal customers and never ignore them else they will promote negativity about your business and you should lose your 5 extra customers. Collecting feedback from customers is an effective way of communication because some portion of your business came from these repeat customers.

4. Branding of your business

Promote your business through advertisement and marketing to know what is the business about? Direct marketing is a somehow costly process but it will create your business identity in the market. Make it a well-known brand so that the customers will automatic comes to you.

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Direct marketing can give good responses with below tools

Internet marketing

Every individual is having their smartphones and they know how to operate it. A smartphone without Internet is unusable in today’s world. You can easily capture the customers over the Internet.

For advertisement of a particular product is quite difficult through branding, marketing and mailing. Instead of that companies are becoming very much smarter in saving costs through these campaigns. Companies are now giving preferences for online marketing such as publishing offers online, creating online banners, posters to attract more customers.

Print media marketing

Promotion of your business through Newspaper advertisement is a good concept, the majority of the audience prefer to read the newspapers daily in the morning. So to promote the businesses with inserting leaflets and showing newspaper adds would be a more effective tool for direct marketing.

Electronic media marketing

Television is one of the most important and powerful tools for attaching people with your direct marketing. Television marketing saves your inventory cost. People get aware of the products and services by watching on televisions so they will easily reach up to your business. Most of the companies are selling their products through television and generating good sales and revenue. The television itself promotes as a booklet and catalogue to the customers.




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