7 Best Ways: How To Handle Customer Complaints In Your Store

How To Handle Customer Complaints?

During daily business hours, we have to face customer complaints regularly. We have to sort out these complaints with satisfactory solutions.

Here are a few suggestions for how to handle customer complaints in your store.

How To Handle Customer Complaints Instantly?

The customer comes to you with a problem at the same time he expects a satisfactory solution from you in a few time.

He panics when you waste his time without providing a proper solution. This unsatisfied customer spoils your many customers just because of not paying attention to the customer complaints.

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Here Are Seven Easy Steps For How To Handle Customer Complaints.

1. Listen To The Customer:

When a customer comes to you with a complaint about a product or service, you must have to listen to them very seriously.

To diffuse your unhappy customer’s anger you have to keep your mouth shut until and unless the customer allows you to speak. Listen to him but don’t interrupt him.

When a customer comes to you with a complaint, he expects your attention which shows someone is there to listen to them.

Once they have described their problem, you can begin to ask them for the needed information to handle the situation.

Your body language plays an important role while listening to complaints. You should maintain eye contact, It shows you are giving importance to the customer’s complaint.

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2. Understand The Problem:

First of all, never ignore customer complaints and realize that they came to the right person for their problem. You should ask them for the required details to provide them with a solution.

By becoming defensive in this situation, you are taking a bad condition and making it worse.

By having an understanding of where your customer is coming from and how he suffered with the problem, and speaking in a calm tone of voice, you can handle the situation very well.

After listening to the customer’s complaints we have to show genuine respect for him and sympathy for them. Here, your communication skill plays an important role in handling the customer.

3. Thanks For Reaching Us:

You can begin the conversation by sincerely thanking them for approaching us with the complaint.

Even when the customer is angry or rude, they can calm down only if you change the tone of the conversation.

This kind of behavior shows that you are the only person who cares for them in difficulties. You can gain their confidence by showing genuine care for their problem by resolving it.

4. Take A Quick Action:

Every customer who comes to you with a complaint is always in a hurry and at the same time, he wants the solution immediately.

We should respect their time and give importance to the required solution.

Most of the time customers observe your patience and behavior when they don’t have any emergency. Customers will often respond more positively to your efforts and focus on helping them.

5. Offer A Solution:

We have all heard the expression “The customer is always right.” Even if the customer is in the wrong.

After verifying the data of the customer from your systems, you can handle the customer according to the situation.

For customers who have an honest complaint, It is the best way to take immediate action accordingly. You can repair or replace the product or give them their money back as per your company’s policies.

In the end, leave your customers happy and tell them to visit again to regain their confidence in you and your organization. They will be in touch with you for any kind of assistance for a long time.

6. Apologise:

In the end, you should apologize for whatever problems faced by the customer so that egoistic customers will be satisfied.

This is not the right time for excuses and justifications. Simply convey your apology for everything that happened with the customer.

7. Follow-Up:

Take regular follow-up with the customer just after 2-4 days to ensure that the customer is satisfied or not with your services.

It shows your honesty and genuineness toward your work. The customer will always be happy with the service offered by you and they will always remember you. These delightful customers will become your regular and loyal customers.

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