IFB AC: 5 Best Features Of 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper IAFS18XA3T3C)

The IFB Air Conditioner Company:

The Air Conditioner Company, IFB Industries Limited (formerly known as Indian Fine Blanks Limited) started operations in India in 1974 in cooperation with Heinrich Schmid AG in Switzerland.

A self-cleaning machine that maintains your air fresh, similar to the self-cleaning lotus effect. IFB‘s patented Titanium Dioxide coating at the evaporator maintains the Air Conditioner Hygenic and spreads fresh and healthy air.

IFB AC models can provide various load capacities from 1 to 2 tons, and various energy efficiency ratings from 2 to 5 stars. There are currently 31 different models of air conditioners on the market.

The product quality that they deliver is amazing. Besides this IFB IAFS18XA3T3C, 1.5 Ton AC has quite some features in it. It is a non-inverter split AC with a 3-star energy rating. It makes no noise whatsoever.

Titan Gold Evaporated Fins:

These Titan Gold Evaporated Fins in IFB ac are a self-cleaning device. It maintains your air sparkling, cleans out dirt if any. The Titanium Dioxide coating enables the preservation of the air Conditioner sparkling and bacteria/germ-free.

4-Way Cooling:

The cool air swings closer to 4 one kind instruction inside the room, spreading the cool air properly. The horizontal air swings and the 2 vertical swings preserve the room temperature continually cool.

360 Degree Blower:

The Aerodynamic 360-diploma blower enables the airflow to unfold in each direction. So regardless of in which you’re in your room anymore. The room will speedily turn out to be cooler than you may assume it to.

High-Speed Fan:

Now it does now no longer depend on case your room is large or small. The high-pace fan, in conjunction with the short cooling device, will cool your room temperature in no time.

Copper Piping:

We all recognize the reality that copper is a detail that will increase any equipment toughness and efficiency. In this air conditioner, the piping is manufactured from copper. It is a tremendous conductor of power and might take in quite a little warmness too.

HD Compressor:

The Heavy Duty Compressor could be very effective and durable. It is engineered in a manner to allow quicker cooling inside the room. Even if the temperature out of doors is 52 ranges Celsius, the room temperature might be cool with no issues.


We shouldn’t simply drink freshwater however additionally breathe sparkling air too. This  Air conditioner has a 6-degree filtration device in it. The air you breathe is going by — diet enriching filter, activated carbon filter, dirty filter, nano filter, anti-bacterial filter, catechin filter.

Environment Free:

Every one people desire to take a step to shop our environment. IFB has performed its part. Made AC, as a way to now no longer damage our environment. This Environmental pleasant Air conditioner does now no longer damage our ozone layer whatsoever.

This Air Conditioner from IFB is a quite first-rate product to use. It permits you to respire sparkling air. Cools the room in no time even if it’s sizzling warmness out of doors.

The Heavy-obligation compressor could be very effective, and maximum of all, that is an environment-pleasant air conditioner.

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IFB Copper IAFS18XA3T3C AC Full Specifications:

Brand IFB
Model 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (IAFS18XA3T3C)
Model Name IAFS18XA3T3C
Type Split AC
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Star Rating 3 Star
BEE Rating Year 2018
Colors White
Cooling Capacity 5200 W
Compressor Rotary
Refrigerant R-32
Condenser Coil Copper
Remote Control Yes
Indoor W x H x D 1094 mm x 300 mm x 220 mm
Indoor Unit Weight 13 kg
Outdoor W x H x D 910 mm x 635 mm x 392 mm
Outdoor Unit Weight 41 kg
Other Dimensions Indoor Gross Weight: 16 kg
Performance features
Indoor Noise Level Low – 38 dB
Panel Display Yes
Turbo Mode Yes
ISEER 3.55 W/W
Power features
Power Requirement AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Other Power Features Power Input: 1465 W
Airflow and filter features
Air Flow Direction 4 Way
Air Circulation 1150 CMH
Warranty Summary 1 Year Comprehensive and 5 Years on Compressor


Air conditioner prices in 2021 Buying a good air conditioner may be a real challenge, right? With this ranking, you can not only save time but also save money.

All the latest IFB conditioners are divided into two series: gold and silver. The difference between the gold and silver series is its cooling capacity.

It is a measure of the cooling capacity of a cooling system, usually in watts. Compared with the silver series, the IFB gold series air conditioners have a higher cooling capacity. However, the price of gold series models is slightly higher than that of silver series models.

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The Following Are The Features And Benefits Of IFB Air Conditioners:
1. IFB 7 Stage Air Treatment:

IFB’s particular 7 Stage Air Treatment (Dust Filter, PM 0.three filters, Anti-bacterial Filter, Activated-carbon Filter, Catechin Filter, Vitamin-C Diffuser, and Aroma Diffuser) protects your fitness through removing smoke, dust, chemicals, gases, and microorganisms from the air whilst suffusing it with vitamin-C and a choice of aromas.

2. IFB Dual Goldfin Heat Exchangers:

Coated fins on each of the indoor and outside gadgets increase cooling performance through enhancing warmness exchange.

3. IFB Fireproof ECB in Indoor Unit:

For brought safety of IFB ac, the digital manage field inside the indoor unit is hearth-place-evidence and enormously proof against warmness, hearth-place, and corrosion.

4. Nano-Tek Coating on Evaporator Tubes:

Being uncovered in harsh weather conditions, ODU evaporator tubes are commonly at risk of corrosion, which results in inefficient cooling, leakage of refrigerant fuel line, and equipment breakdown. To guard them, all IFB air conditioners have a unique nano-coating on evaporator tubes

5. 100% Copper Piping with Inner Grooved Tubes:

The condensers and evaporators of IFB air conditioners have 100% copper pipes and tubes which helps higher warmness conduction permits quicker cooling and enhances sturdiness.

6. 4-Way Auto Cooling:

Motorized vanes robotically swing in all 4 directions, horizontally and vertically to supply air calmly throughout the room.

7. Air-Cooled PCB for Outdoor Unit:

To allow the air conditioner to offer a green and regular overall performance, the outside unit capabilities a completely unique cooling gadget that cools the PCB.

8. Refrigerant in IFB:

All IFB air conditioners use R32 refrigerants. R32 is a brand-new refrigerant presently receiving the maximum interest. Because R32 successfully conveys warmness, it may lessen power intake by as much as about 10% as compared to that of air conditioners in the usage of refrigerant R22.

Furthermore, as compared to the refrigerants extensively used these days including R22 and R410A, R32 has a worldwide warming potential (GWP) this is a one-1/3 decrease and is top-notch for its low environmental effect.

9. Bionic fan in IFB:

The bionic fan minimizes noise and permits low decibel operation by lowering the weight of the motor and enhancing its performance.

10. Aerodynamic Blower:

An aerodynamic 360-diploma blower and an effective fan motor facilitate a protracted air throw and result easily cool even large rooms.

11. Modes IN IFB:

All IFB air conditioners have 7 modes – Super/Turbo Mode, Feel Mode, Cool Mode, Dry Mode, Fan Mode, Sleep Mode, and Eco Mode.

12. Twin Inverter compressor:

A heavy obligation and excessive-velocity dual inverter compressor works at complete performance and cools even at 58-diploma Celsius. It presents smooth, quiet, and excessive-performance operation from low to excessive RPM tiers to cope with the use wishes of higher-first-class air-con comfort, much fewer power payments, and much less noise.

13. Free trendy set up :

IFB gives unfastened trendy set up through mainly educated technicians all yr round. An unfastened copper connecting package and three unfastened offerings also are provided.

14. Automotive Grade Weather Proof Coating:

Since its miles stored in an open space, the ODU of an air conditioner is continuously uncovered to harsh weather (rain, dust, UV sunlight) and pollutants stress (pollutants).

This has a bad effect on the sturdiness and overall performance of the machine. That’s why, all IFB air conditioners have a completely unique, excessive-temperature, silver powder coating which protects the ODU.

15. Warranty:

All IFB air conditioners have a 1-yr unfastened guarantee on the product, four years paid amazing guarantee on the product, five years unfastened guarantee on ODU PCB and 10 years unfastened guarantee on Compressor.

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