The Best Budget Calling Smartwatch Is Available Under 5K With An Attractive Look

The Budget Calling Smartwatch:

Fire-Boltt has launched its first Bluetooth calling smartwatch in India under the budget of every Indian including various essential features like SpO2 monitoring, HR monitoring.

In today’s digital world smartwatches are becoming our digital assistant to take care of our daily life by measuring different health activities in our bodies.

Bluetooth calling smartwatch helps to add an important feature of calling so that one could make a call to the near ones in case of any emergencies.

The Benefits Of A Smartwatch:

Wearing a smartwatch is not for telling the time only but it’s considered as a style statement because of the fashionable design and looks.

The calling smartwatches will notify and alert you about calling and SMS alerts without touching the smartphone.

Many fitness bands come with a fitness tracker that will help you to set up your daily fitness goals. It will measure distance covered by you, steps count, calories, heart rate monitor, pulse rate monitor and sleep monitor so it is a core feature in the best calling smartwatch.

If you’re wearing a calling smartwatch then you don’t need to use your smartphone all the time for calling or SMS services.

It will vibrate the smartwatch for the notification of calls and messages. This feature of a smartwatch is useful at the time of doing exercises or driving a bike.

Smartwatches will allow you to see the notifications on social media including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. These notification alerts will help you to set up your work priorities.

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Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch – Fire-Boltt Talk:

Bluetooth calling smartwatch is a convenient way to make a call and answer the call. You can easily make and receive calls from your smartwatch anytime and anywhere.

You can reply to a message on an urgent basis and you can operate your smartphone on your wrist.

Bluetooth technology in the Fire-Boltt Talk smartwatch allows you hands-free communication right from your wrist with the help of built-in speakers and microphones.

You can save your important contact numbers conveniently to make a call or to send a message in case of any emergencies.

How To Enable Bluetooth Calling Feature In Fire-Boltt Talk Calling Smartwatch?

Connect your smartwatch with a compatible application. After connecting the smartwatch with the app, you need to manually connect the mobile’s Bluetooth setting to pair with the watch (BSW004).

Calling smartwatch

Once paired with the watch with the smartphone, you will receive a notification “Connected for calls and audio”.

A quick-access dial pad enables you to make calls quickly with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.

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Highlighted Features Of Fire-Boltt Talk:

1. Music Control System:
You can control and play your favourite songs with the help of in-built speakers in the smartwatch without touching your smartphone.

2. Large Display Size:
The Talk Bluetooth calling smartwatch comes with a 3.25 cm (1.28) HD touchscreen display.

The display screen automatically lights up after lifting the wrist and you can easily adjust the brightness level with one-click control mode.

3. Notification Alerts:
The smartwatch allows you to see mobile notifications like Calls, Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook and Emails on your smartwatch. At the same time, it will inform you about incoming calls.

4. Strong Battery Backup:
It comes with a 170mAh Lithium-Ion battery that completely charges in approximately 120 minutes.

It will provide you with a strong battery backup of 10 days without Bluetooth calling and 5 days with Bluetooth calling feature. It will provide a standby battery backup of up to 30 days.

5. Bluetooth Version:
The Fire-Boltt Talk Calling Smartwatch will support Bluetooth version 5.0 or above.

6. Health Monitoring Features:
Dynamic monitoring and manual monitoring features are available. Step Tracker, Calories Burned, Distance Travelled, Activity tracking, Sleep Monitoring, Sports Mode, Tracking & Reminder are some of the essential features that come in it.

7. IP67 Water Resistant:
The IP67 water-resistant feature will protect your smartwatch from dust and sand and that will protect the smartwatch up to the maximum depth of 1m up to 30 minutes.

Other Features:
The smartwatch comes with IP67 water-resistant, Do not disturb, low battery reminder, call rejection and find my phone features.

Smartwatches can provide the best results in case of any emergencies that your mobile can’t provide.

Some fitness features including SpO2 monitoring, heart rate monitoring are the best tracking feature that comes in a smartwatch to take care of yourself as a personal assistant at all times.

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