What Is Cloud Computing? Know About Best Services

What Is Cloud Computing?

What is cloud computing? is the most common question arises in everyone’s mind. Cloud computing is an internet service provided by hosting companies.

Cloud Computing


The services related to the internet can be operated by using software, computer programing, network-related tasks etc. through the cloud services is called cloud computing.

The user can operate the stored data and files easily from cloud computing services at any place and anytime. For accessing the stored data, a user must have the device compatible with it. If the data is to be stored in a hard disk drive then a laptop or a desktop is an essential thing to operate the data.

Users don’t need to worry about the data security because this data is safely stored at cloud computing servers and this data can be transmitted over the Internet.

Cloud Computing Users Are:

Nowadays, every person can be considered as a regular user of cloud computing services. Internet services for online marketing, social media operating are useless without cloud computing services.

How Does Cloud Computing Works?

The cloud computing services are provided by hosting companies and these services are working in a decentralized manner.

Cloud Computing


To operate these kinds of data host and hosting companies are responsible to pull up the data from the satellite. The hosting companies can provide their data and services to the clients and could offer them the freedom to operate it.

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Google cloud computing services, Apple (I Cloud) services are the topmost names for cloud computing. Cloud computing can be operated by users for better connectivity and communication purposes. Such as downloading and uploading the data through various platforms like YouTube, Google and many more other applications.

These services are really helpful for businesses. Sending and receiving mail, account operating software, keeping data back-up are the part of cloud computing services.

Types Of Cloud Computing Services:

Cloud computing services are mainly divided into 3 parts. Private, public and hybrid cloud computing services. User can select the service as per the need and requirements. Data security and web hosting charge depend on the service selected by the user.

Private Cloud Computing Services:

Private cloud computing services are useful for a single organisation. The services can be operated from the organisation or service providers. High level of data security is to be provided for these services.

Public Cloud Computing Services:

In public cloud computing services, all the setup is to be done in the premises of service providers. These cloud computing service provider provides the data to the users through the internet. So that, user need not worried about the maintenance of hosting which is quite expensive and even they don’t want to set up an Infrastructure for it.

Hybrid Cloud Computing Services:

Hybrid cloud computing services are a combination of private and public cloud computing services. Hybrid services are generally used to protect the primary and most important data for security reasons. Secondary applications are to be stored at service providers end.

Categories Of Cloud Computing Service:

Cloud Computing


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS):

Software-as-a-services is the service which we used every day. The mobile applications are the best example of SaaS services. This service is accessible from mobile applications and through a web browser over the Internet. Most of the applications are free of cost but some of the applications are paid.

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS):

As the name suggests, it provides a platform to cloud services for application development. PasS services support for application updates and everything which is required to run an application smoothly. The Google App Engine is one of the best examples of PaaS services.

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS):

These services are known for providing the basic infrastructure data for daily usage computers including server and data. Google compute engine is an example of IaaS services.

Cloud Security And Privacy:

The security and privacy of the data are important things for all cloud computing users because, on daily basis, lots of new data generates and updated in cloud servers. To save and track the data security this cloud security and privacy is an essential thing.

Depending upon that, the service provider offers data security packages to the customers. So privacy and security of customers’ data is a complicated process to drive a business successfully.

In this manner, all the cloud computing services are useful according to the requirements of a particular user or an organization

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