Best Device : What Is The Difference Between Laptop And Tablet?

What is the difference between laptop and tablet?

We are living in a digital world where digital gadgets are becoming an integral part of our life. So, these devices should be convenient for us in our daily uses.

Laptops and tablets have brought tremendous changes to the digital world and our working structure.

So, we need to know what is the difference between laptop and tablet? We will see the basic differences between these two devices to decide the best one for us.


A laptop is a type of all in one computer. It is a portable electronic device that comes with an LCD screen to perform multiple tasks. A laptop is also known as a notebook.

It is a smaller version of the desktop where you will get all the essential connectivity options. These laptops are made up of powerful hardware to enhance productivity.

You can use your laptop for official use as well as for gaming and entertainment purposes.


A tablet is also a portable device similar to a laptop, but it comes without additional connectivity options.

A tablet works on a mobile operating system and it has limited inbuilt memory which you can expand later on by inserting memory cards. It has a touchscreen LCD and it’s a thin and lightweight device.

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It has more battery backup than the laptop. But, The tablet comes with limited functionality as compared to a laptop.

What is the difference between laptop and tablet and what are the key differences?

Both devices are portable and have their benefits and features. It depends upon the choice of an individual.

1. Display Size:

The laptop comes with bigger display size. Laptops are available in different sizes but the most popular display sizes are 14″ LCD and 15.6″ LCD.

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Generally, tablets are smaller in display sizes. tablets are available in 10″ display or 11″ display sizes to make them more compact and handy. It comes with a sim card option to make calls or to access the internet.

2. Operating System:

The laptop runs on computer-based operating systems like, Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux etc.

You can use these operating systems at offices for making project reports, handling accounts and many more because it comes with an additional keyboard.

The tablet runs on the mobile operating system through which you can access your mailbox, messages and other applications but you can’t make project reports, accounting works smoothly because tablets are touchscreen devices and they function like mobile.

3. Usage:

Laptops are used for operating traditional software like Office, Graphical software (AutoCAD), Accounting software (Tally) so we can see most laptop comes with an additional graphic card, additional storage as per the need.

Generally, tablets are used for browsing, surfing, reading, accessing websites, watching movies, listening to music, and playing games.

You can search out various applications in the Play Store or App Store if it is an iPad.

Tablet works similar to mobile, you can make calls also but the iPad doesn’t allow you to make calls.

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4. Components:

What is the difference between laptop and tablet? then the correct answer for this should be the components.

All Laptops consist of RAM, Storage, Processor, a large display, attached keyboards with a trackpad, and other connectivity options such as USB ports and HDMI ports.

The important advantage of a laptop is its full keyboard for getting accuracy in typing.

Tablet comes with RAM, storage, touchscreen display and small size. They don’t have additional connectivity options.

The virtual keyboard of a tablet works as a mobile keypad.

5. Battery Capacity:

Due to the large display, high resolution and heavy graphical use, it consumes more power so the battery backup of laptops is comparatively shorter than tablets.

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Comparative to laptop, tablet will give you a stronger battery backup because of its low resolution.

6. Cooling Fan:

To reduce the heat, the laptop comes with cooling fans provided on the bottom side of the laptop.

Due to the smaller size and less usage, tablets haven’t come with preloaded fans.

Generally, laptops are available between 1 to 3 kg.
Usually, tablets are available between 250gms to 1kg.

7. Manufacturer:

Brands In Laptop: Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, MSI, Alienware, Microsoft

Brands In Tablet: Apple, Asus, Google, Lenovo, Panasonic, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, LG

Now, you will get the answer of what is the difference between a laptop and a tablet and you can select your device.

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