Will Adani Get NDTV Company’s 29 Percent Shares Instantly?

Dear friends, in this article we are going to discuss the burning topic of NDTV company and its ownership. Let’s begin

About NDTV Company Profile:

The most popular News Television channel NDTV company is the pioneer of a news channel since 1988.T

The NDTV company was founded by Radhika Roy and Prannoy Roy. The NDTV company is well known as a respectable news channel in the Indian Television industry.

It also launched NDTV online in 1998 and during this period NDTV was producing content for BBC India.

The NDTV company is operating its television channels around the world.

The company operates NDTV 24×7, NDTV India, NDTV Profit, and NDTV Good Times to provide information in English and Hindi languages.

It has a strategic partnership with South Asia Creative Assets Limited for treating lifestyle channels in India.

Achievements Of NDTV Company:

NDTV news channel was awarded the Indian Telly Awards.

NDTV news channel won Gold and Silver awards at Transparency International India Award for “Exposing Corruption”.

The managing editor, Barkha Dutt won the “Journalist of the year” award at the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association

Now there are a lot of questions that people talk about NDTV company ought over by Adani.

NDTV com
Pic Credit: NDTV

What happens to NDTV now? What happens to the Journalists now? What happens to the owners now? Such kind of a lot of talks is happening on social media.

How Adani Plans To Take Over NDTV Company (News)?

The conglomerate, Asia’s richest person Gautam Adani bought over a company called “Vishwa Pradhan Commercial Private Limited”.

The VCPL company has interesting ownership. VCPL first belonged to Reliance Industries then it went to Mahendra Natha and then it went to Infertile Groups owned by Surendra Lunia and now it is bought by the Adani group.

VCPL had a 99.9 % warrant of Radhika Roy And Prannoy Roy Holdings (RRPRH).

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What Are warrants?
The warrants are derivatives that give the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell the securities. Most commonly on equity – at a certain price before the expiration.

It means that RRPRH took money from the VCPL and the money that they took from VCPL, they gave 99.9% warrants to VCPL and Adani bought over VCPL.

Now, RRPRH owns 29.18 % of the shares of NDTV, and 32% shares were individually owned by Radhika Roy and Prannoy Roy.

Now, Adani made a claim and sent a letter to NDTV saying that Mr. NDTV you have to transfer 29.18% shares of NDTV within two days.

Prannoy Roy refused to give the shares because SEBI has banned NDTV founders and promoters from dealing in their shares directly or indirectly for two years. That two-year expires on 26th November 2022.

Still, Adani is not happy with the deal and Adani wants another 26% of the shares to absolute control of NDTV company.

Why Does Adani Want To Buy NDTV Company?

Media is not a business that they will want to make money from it. For a huge conglomerate globally, the media is a business that will give them the power to negotiate with the Government.

Adani could buy NDTV company and convert that to a more favorable channel for the Government.

NDTV media are made by the people who work in it. So, the brand will remain because what makes NDTV is not the brand NDTV or the studio or the camera, what makes NDTV are the journalists in NDTV.

So, if Adani is buying NDTV then they should know that they are buying a body called NDTV and not the soul of NDTV.

We hope that you will get a clear idea about the NDTV news channel ownership and acquisition process. Adani group could buy the Brand, logo, Offices, and, Machines not the journalist of NDTV like; Ravish Kumar and the Journalism

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