Top 5 Advantages Of The Best Air Cooler Like AC

How To Buy The Best Air Cooler?

Varieties of the brand are available in the market to buy the best air cooler as per your need and requirements. So, better way to ask some questions to yourself and find out the answers from it. It will help you to decide the best air cooler like ac.

The basic questions are:
1. Which Is The Best Air Cooler For Me?
2. What is the area that I have to cover for cooling?
3. What is the CFM calculation?
4. What should be the water tank capacity?
5. Which is the best air cooler for a humid climate?

cooler like ac

Selection Criteria To Buy The Best Air Cooler:
1. Types Of cooler
2. Tank capacity
3. Airflow
4. Air direction
5. Types Of evaporating pads

There are two types of air coolers available in the market. Desert air cooler and personal air cooler.

Desert Air Cooler:
Desert air coolers are mostly used for dry climate areas and these are the best air coolers designed for cooling large size rooms. They provide a huge water tank according to its cooling capacity. These air cooler spread the air across every corner of the room equally. Desert coolers are larger than personal coolers in every manner.

Personal Air Cooler:
The personal air coolers are to be designed for the small size of areas. These types of air coolers are used with less capacity of water tank but personal air coolers are capable to provide cool air for hours. Personal air coolers are less noisy and they consume less electricity.

Once you have decided on the perfect cooler as per your need then think about the below key points according to the model:

Water Tank Capacity For The Best Air Cooler:

It is an important thing to go with a large water tank capacity while buying the best air cooler like ac. The larger water tank will help to run the air cooler longer. The water tank capacity should be decided by considering your daily use and the room size.

An evaporative cooling method is to be used in air coolers for converting water into vapor. Personal air coolers designed with a water tank capacity of 20 to 30 liter Whereas desert air cooler’s capacities range from 31 to 50 liters.

To Check Airflow And CFM(Cubic Feet Per Minute) while buying the best air cooler like ac
The best air cooler selection depends upon the room size and water tank capacity but the airflow is also an important criterion to decide. The CFM(Cubic Feet Per minute) technique is to be used for measuring the airflow of the room every minute.

You can select the best air cooler according to your room size and buy them by using the CFM technique. You can find out the CFM area by dividing cubic feet of the room by 2. Suppose, the room size is 200 sq. ft and the ceiling height is 10ft then the CFM would be (200×10/2)=1000

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Cooling Pads For The Best Air Cooler:

Cooling Pads in air coolers are designed for absorbing the water and convert it into cool air. The cooling pad direct impacts the cooling capacity of the air cooler. These cooling pads are made up of Aspen or cellulose type of materials.

cooler like ac

Aspen type of cooling pads are made up of wood shaving and they are cheaper which comes with short life whereas cellulose cooling pads are well-known as Honeycomb pads. Honeycomb pads are thicker in size and they have more durable than Aspen material.

Design Of The Best Air Cooler:

The shape and size of the best air cooler is part of the design so most people purchase the air cooler according to the design. Now, different companies are launching slim and tower-type air coolers in the market to fulfill the demand without compromising the features of the product.

This slim air cooler occupies a very less amount of space in the room as well as portable so that to move it from one room to another room gets easy and convenient with the help of attachable wheels.

Working Of The Best Air Cooler As Ac:

Most of the best air cooler works on evaporator cooling technology. In this method, hot air from outside passed over the water and evaporated. The hot air temperature decreases due to the process of evaporation and it becomes cooler. This cool air continuously directed inside the room and the hot temperature becomes cool.

cooler like ac

The cooling pads play an important role in the process of evaporation. The hot air from outside comes in contact with the cooling pad and with the help of a water pump it passes inside the room. This evaporation process is completely natural and environment-friendly.

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Top 5 Advantages Of The Best Air Cooler:

1. Environment-friendly cooling device
2. Low maintenance cost comparing with other cooling devices
3. It consumes less power and electricity
4. It spreads cool air across the room as per the capacity
5. Evaporated air delivered by an air cooler is healthy for our skin and body.

Key Points For Better Working Of Air Coolers As AC:

Try to keep open windows as well as doors of the room for maintaining proper ventilation. Proper ventilation will help to provide fresh and healthy air inside the room. Place your air cooler near the window so the room will cool faster as this would be an advantage for you.

Timely cleaning and maintenance will increase the life of your air cooler. You can add some ice water to cool the room faster on hot days. It is compulsory to clean the water tank when any kind of smell comes from it. It is better to keep it clean and place a dry place inside the house if there is no use of the air cooler. The cleanness and maintenance will increase the lifespan of your air cooler.

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